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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a “new normal” for dental practices. New habits have formed. Many businesses have changed their procedures to improve convenience and made it considerably easier for customers to do business with them. Dental practices are no exception to this shift in business, you’ll need a plan to be convenient and consistent.

Your patients will certainly expect increased availability and convenience post-pandemic. So, what does this mean for your dental practice? It means that you will need to adjust to the current business and social climate and be highly accessible for patients.

Set up virtual consultation options for your patients.

Ensure that your practice is available to patients who want to be able to easily communicate with you from the comfort of their home.

The new expectation is that your patients will be able to ask questions and address concerns without first needing to come into your practice. Setting up virtual consultation and engagement options for your patients shows that your practice cares deeply about the comfort and safety of your patients.

The dental practices who are supporting patients by offering extra accommodations experience increased trust and build better relationships. Ensuring that the experience your patients have with your practice is convenient and consistent will make you significantly more attractive to new and returning patients.

Be prepared digitally.

Your dental practice will need to have a strong social media strategy in place in case something like quarantine ever happens again. Have a plan to provide value via social media. Think, “What can I share that will improve my patients’ lives?” “What is the best way for me to effectively communicate with my patients via social media?”

Not everything you post needs to be educational, you can also provide value by sharing something to make your patients smile. By creating a social media strategy you’ll be prepared to support your patients in a time of need, creating relationships, not as a business and it’s customers, but as friends.

Bounce back from COVID quickly and get your dental practice on track to have a successful 2020. As you return to patient care, use the resources from My Social Practice to guide you through your first few days and weeks.

We’ve frequently been asked questions like “How do dental practices reopen post-COVID?” and “What does the post-coronavirus dental office look like?” We understand this is a lot to think about at once! Reopening the right way can seem overwhelming but not to worry, our master marketers provide the content, tools, and one-on-one training to take you through each step. A roadmap for post-COVID help for your dental practice is just a call away.

Regardless of your practice size or location, we can customize a solution that will work for you. Build a powerful social media presence with My Social Practice!

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