What is the role of influencers in social media marketing ?

There is a significant shift in how local businesses have started using social media marketing. Advertisers and various business persons have understood that peer recommendation and word of mouth are the most efficient ways of marketing. The work of icing on the cake is done when an influencing person talks about or recommends a product to the audiences.

These persons are termed as influencers in their domain who have the capability to influence a bunch of people to make a particular choice or take a particular decision. This is because of the fact that they have created a nice reputation in the public and due to their goodwill people are highly motivated by their words.

As a result of which more and more advertisers have started using influencers for their business accounts. In the year 2015, for every $1 spent there was a yield of $6.78 in paid social media campaign. So the importance of social media influencers has been realized by the marketers and advertisers which are used to drive traffic, engagement, brand awareness etc.

5 Reasons to use influencers for Social Media Marketing

1. Wide and Faithful Audiences

Social media influencers generally have a long list of followers on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. If they are stating your name, your product’s name, retweeting your posts, sharing your posts etc., they are nothing but amplifying your brand and widening your brand awareness among users.

2. Great Networks

Influencers have a great network. Their contacts participate in discussions or examinations on the different subjects the influencers post about, which can prompt more brand building. Not only that, they share or retweet these posts which imply that your audience duplicates, expanding your permeability.

Additionally, through them, you can distinguish other persuasive individuals too, who are a piece of their audience. They can thus impact their audience’s views of your image.

3. Content

In a review, 62% of the respondents said that they follow an influencer in view of the content they make. Quality content is pivotal to any showcasing effort. What’s more, influencers can make awesome content that would effectively inspire an emotional response with the audience, and lessen the work for you.

They may even concoct imaginative thoughts for content advertising that your image itself did not consider. Some post audits of your items and administrations, its components, quality and so forth, some compose stories identified with your image, etc.

4. Credibility

Another critical element that adds to their extensive after is validity. In the same study, 51% of the respondents said that they follow an influencer on the grounds that they consider them as sentiment pioneers and 40% follow them as a result of their association with the influence.

The mastery these people hold in a specific field consolidated with the great relations they keep up with their audience makes them solid to individuals. Their conclusion of your image will probably turn into the general assessment among their group of onlookers. A word from an influencer can represent the deciding moment your image.

5. Latest Trends

Influencers are generally aware of the most recent patterns of the social media. They have a tendency to be among the first to attempt these new patterns, to find new stages to reach and connect with their crowd. Through them, you also can get to know such new thoughts and utilize them to intrigue imminent clients. Furthermore, seeing as they are specialists in the field, you could increase more profound bits of knowledge about your industry from them.

But it has been noted that providing too much importance to these social media influencers tends to overlook two of the most important elements of social media marketing. First thing, influencers can help only if the products fall under a specific category. If a product is out of that category, influencers are not that effective.

For ex- a fashion blogger won’t have the same influence in electronics domain. Thus, it is quite important to decide the influencers that will exactly fit in that domain and help you gain your desired popularity.

Secondly, we need to understand that there is a thin line between popularity and influence. Any blogger with a nice following won’t able to advocate a brand properly if he is not passionate about the product. In this case a less popular blogger yet effective influencer can help you meet the desired results in social media marketing.

Be smart and wise while you are making your decision of choosing an influencer for social media marketing. If you get it right, you will witness great heights but you are not appropriate with your choice then it’s simply a waste of money and time.

What do you think about the above idea?

Do come with your suggestions and let us know, which is the best influencers you are using for your social media campaign?

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