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Why I Recommend Video Traffic Accelerator By Angela Lin

Whilst my course Local Video Domination 2.0 teaches you how to get videos onto the first page of the major search engines and up to the top of Youtube and other video search engines, the big difference in Angela’s course is that Angela teaches how to get traffic to your videos inside Youtube itself. Local Video Domination 2.0 focuses on getting those videos to the first page and the factors included to get these result are :-

I teach you how to get these to start with in a sort of artificial manner however inside Video traffic Accelerator Angela shows how to get people already interested in the subject of your video to come over to your channel and watch your videos and if they are already in the habit of leaving comments then they are likely also to leave comments on your videos and if they like the video they are also very likely to hit the like button too.

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Also included in Angela’s very informative course are many video marketing tips, but it is worth remembering that Angela has her own business already, and what is her business expertise? Angela is a social media expert and coming up to her clients inside Video Traffic Accelerator are going to be some very informative videos on using other social interaction on your Youtube channels, so that it becomes possible and likely to get real people with a real interest in what your video is about to click onto your Facebook page, Twitter G+ Pinterest Stumble Upon, Digg – the list goes on, so if we can get raving fans of your subject content over to these other social networks to – re tweet, re post like and share your video content then this is ticking all of the boxes that the biggest search engine on the planet is now requesting SOCIAL INTERACTION AND SOCIAL FOOTPRINTS.

Viral video traffic is generated by interested people interacting with your videos

Video traffic from Youtube – remember first and foremost just like G+ and Facebook, Youtube is a social network and as such video marketing as a complete subject relies heavily on social interaction, so if you are getting targeted views from people already in the habit of social interaction to your Youtube videos and leaving social footprints behind such as – comments likes and video responses, then from that perspective it naturally flows that this spin on video social interaction is sort of the next stage in your video marketing education, kind of like a video traffic academy.

Understand this Local Video Domination 2.0 is a very powerful way of getting videos to rank on page one of the search engines, Video Traffic Accelerator is a very powerful way of getting traffic in the form of interested people that are likely to  view like and comment on your videos in a natural looking way.

Individually each is Powerful COMBINED THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

The biggest search engine is now demanding this for rankings so consider that if you are getting this level of social interaction to your videos and following my video course with growing your Youtube channel page rank, commenting on high page rank channels and videos, bookmarking your videos, syndicating your video and links as I show. Then don’t you think that both the big G and Youtube are going to sit up and pay attention to your videos and your Youtube channels?

Ok so covered in Angela’s course which is still only $9.95 are these fundamental social interaction steps for video, they may seem obvious but Angela also shows you a way to automate the process continually bringing targeted socially interactive video traffic to your videos. Now whether you chose to use this for video marketing or video advertising Angela’s video marketing tips contained withing Video Traffic Accelerator – how to retain interest – call to action, using the rule of AIDA (even if she didn’t realize it) Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

Angela shows you how to grab the viewers attention, then how to retain interest whilst creating desire, and finally the final step the call to action.

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