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The proliferation of #MobilePhones led to #YouTube explosion as a platform for amateur “filmmakers”. However, that platform is now at #1Billion users, and marketers have realized that #YouTube is a powerful tool in their marketing inbox. Most marketers have already added the platform to their #ContentDistribution channels, the rest are playing catch up. Cisco predicts that 80% of all web traffic will be streaming videos by 2019. That’s NEXT YEAR folks.

In order to engage and connect with today’s audiences, you must create engaging videos to increase traffic, boost #YouTube channel subscribers, showcase your product and service and ultimately #Increase revenue.

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Define Your Video Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter where you are in your video streaming life as a business, agency or marketer, having defined strategies to improve your online video will reap significant ROI. So, what are the keys to a successful video marketing strategy?

Use These Tips As A Guide For Your Next Video Marketing Effort

1. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Let’s face it, Gen Z grew up with #iPhones and mobile handsets. Without a mobile video strategy you can forget about selling to them. Millennials and Gen X increasingly depend on mobile apps to manage their lives. So, think mobile.

2. Be intentional. Do the work to understand what matters to your audience and create videos that are relevant to their lives. Don’t just sell product and service. Sell the #CustomerExperience.

3. Be purposeful. Video is the most powerful tool for telling your story. So create interesting short videos that both tells your story AND provides value to your audience. Make your most important points in the first :15-:20 seconds before viewers check out.

4. Have defined goals. What’s your goal in creating a specific video? What do you want consumers to do when they view your videos? Your goal should be #AudienceRetention, which goes back to item #2. Your goal is the: What’s next? Keeping an #EngagedAudience creates a higher likelihood that they will do business with you.

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