Video Marketing: Tips & Tricks For Successful Video Marketing

Online Video marketing is one among the prime mantras of digital marketing.

You can promote your brand and bring your product or service in the limelight.

Videos engage audience better than plaintexts and images.

But video marketing success depends on how you or your marketing team play the cards.

The popularity curve of video marketing is immense.

I advocate the use of video ad marketing on the web to get the best ROI (Return on Investment). Success is the direct output of the best returns via sales.

To make your video saleable, keep it short to hit at the right note of intent.

I hope you find this article worth reading and worth executing.

  • Reach Out With Your Story and Not Sales

The best way to reach out to thousands in an engaging way is by telling a compelling story.

Prepare your video content marketing strategy that focuses on telling your brand story.

You have to give your viewers a clear picture of yourself without harping on your products list.

The products shown in the video should appear as an integral part of the frame.

You will love to watch this video storytelling example:

Whirlpool has a lovely video to watch with a fabulous story.

The story unites Sama’s Syrian culture with Canadian culture.

Sama shares Syrian delicacies with her Canadian schoolmates.

Nowhere has Whirlpool pitched about sales.

They had concentrated on the emotion of cooking with care.

We can see Sama and her mummy using Whirlpool products while the story is being narrated.

This is under the fold branding.

The human touch creates the greatest impact on this Whirlpool marketing video.

Sama’s emotional story helped Whirlpool lap up emotional attention.

The video received a lot of appreciation from the viewers.

Right from the first week of its launch, it enjoyed thousands of views.

Till date, the video on YouTube has surpassed a million views.

Whirlpool’s video marketing campaign, based on storytelling, proved to be a hit.

  • Familiarize with Product videos

Product explanation videos are effective channels for building familiarity with products.

It helps to create a brand perception.

Product introduction or product live-action demo videos are sales boosters.

They encapsulate both general web visitors and target prospective customers.

Product marketing video ads do well, believes Jeff Moriarty.

He heads Mother’s Family Rings as the Head of Marketing and Website Development.

Jeff had noticed that there is a 25% increase in sales of products on Product Pages which have videos.

All fitness freaks would love to watch this video and get hold of the all-new training mask:

Product videos make an impact when the product is actually shown with its utility in the video.

This particular video does the same.

The Training Mask is worn by the people who are engaged in fitness activities.

Her live action is enough to attract the audience the product wants to target.

This includes people who are involved in training and prefer to train before work at dawn.  

  • Enhance Retention with Explainer videos

This type of video is ideal from the perspective of retention value.

The name itself is self-explanatory.

Explainer videos are simple short animated videos by the help of which you can easily engage people with your brand, product, or service.

An explainer video is created to answer a few questions or a little more than that.

Say you want to educate your audience about a specific business product.

The best way to do so is by answering questions.

  • What is the new product?
  • How does the product work?
  • What should I know before buying it?
  • How can I get it delivered?
  • etc.  

With these videos, complicated stuff can be communicated via lively animated cartoons or images.

As such it creates a long-lasting effect on your audience.

used an Animated Explainer Video for their healthcare app to keep it clear, lively and retentive.  

Within the scope of a few visually-interesting shots, the company has been able to pass on a crucial message. The video demonstrates how a person can manage diabetes with the app.

The whole process and the video marketing process can be viewed in a recent .  

  • Customer Testimonial Videos Make It Easy

These kinds of videos make your purchasing decision easy.

They are good from the perspective of building trust.

Real people sharing their experiences on products and services help to attract prospective customers with greater gusto.

Nothing can beat word-of-mouth promotion. And this happens to be the winning point of testimonial videos.

You rope in real buyers or customers to do promotion for you.

They say why they bought your product or service and whether they are happy with the same.

There is no need to rope in actors at a high price.

For you, it is sure shot cost-effective.

A testimonial video on your homepage or a landing page is a great way to leave an impression for first-time visitors.

And thereby getting encouraged to try a product.

A customer testimonial video gives you the urge to buy or register to a service.

This is a testimonial from Jamie A.

She had been a victim of identity theft. In the video, she explains how she secured her life by being a registered member of Lifelock.

The focus of this testimonial is on the intense emotion that she shares.

The audience instantly empathizes with her crisis.

Jamie’s testimony makes the audience opt for Lifelocks security solutions.

  • Educate with How-to-videos/Tutorial Videos

Uploading how-to videos are ideal from the perspective of educating or sharing knowledge with people.

Say, for instance, a person wishes to check out on pasta recipe.

There are numerous videos that can tutor him about the easy steps to make the yummy dish.

Or for instance, a person has a technical query like how to install software.

He can easily get instant knowledge from the tutorial videos.

Or it can be makeup, hairdo or dress up tutorial video.

How-to-videos are gaining momentum – the proof is the increased ‘how-to’ searches on YouTube.

It has gone up and 100 million hours have been spent by people in North America watching how-to-videos.

A short How-to-Video for people who love to DIY:

In a simple way and in a short time span (less than 2 minutes) you can get DIY tips to blow your curly hair.

And get a smooth frizz-free look without having to visit the salon and waste bucks.

  • Videos from Live Events Garner Huge Attention

Live streaming of company events or occasions has become popular.

Social media platforms are gold mines where you can go live or upload a video to let it go viral.

Facebook Live can project the entire event in real-time.

Even with Instagram and Snapchat, you can share snippets of the event.

You can also use the additional features of stickers, filters, and location-marketing geotags.

You should try such live videos because they hook on viewers ten times more than regular ones.

People love something that is instant and immediate.

Live streaming video garner max attention and connect.

It brought attention to Starbuck’s community involvement.

This also brought awareness among people about the importance of voting.

  • Company Culture Videos

These videos are good from the perspective of humanizing your company or brand.

They provide a great opportunity to project your company and the people who work for you.

The human faces raise the emotional attachment.

People love to see behind-the-scenes videos.

The can enjoy a virtual tour of your office or learn from your employees.

With all these, you can showcase your brand.  

Because they come directly from your workplace and your bunch of happy workers.

Company culture videos throw a wonderful insight. Here is a wonderful example from Dell:

The above video is about the wonderful experience of Dell interns.

It throws light on the work environment and the culture of the tech giant.

The video highlights how fun and comfortable it is to work as a Dell employee.

  • Approach Video Reviewers

Companies can get hold of popular reviewers in the company product segment.

You can get a new product reviewed and clear the confusions that your customers might have.

This can be either a paid or non-paid service but is a good option to cash on video marketing success.

Reviews from popular reviewers can make the company product popular and boost up sales.

  • Video Positioning – Do not bury Videos

Placement is a key to making a video popular on the World Wide Web.

Placing the video on the right page (and at the right spot) is crucial for better CTR and conversions.

If you have an interesting video to share it on the home page do keep it above-the-fold on the web page.

Anything below, for which you need to scroll in order to view, is called below-the-fold.

It has been surveyed that the majority of people do not scroll down to check out whether there’s any interesting content lying below.

So, do not wait for readers to find your videos – place videos right where their vision is sure to strike – that is at the TOP.

  • Video thumbnail – Doorway to Content Within

Just like movie posters serve a teaser to the main movie, thumbnails are the mini teaser for the main video.

What you see and your audience see on the organic search results is the thumbnail.

So it must be catchy to captivate the audience.

Bing is the search engine which lays high emphasis on video thumbnails.

They made a major modification.

They increased the display size of the thumbnails to attain better clarity.

They did it with the intention to enrich the user experience for video search.

An ideal thumbnail should be complemented by a catchy caption text.

The caption should give viewers an idea about the content of the video.

The thumbnail of this video sets the mood with its clear-cut message:

The thumbnail of this video is self-explanatory.

You know what you are supposed to get out of it.

It’s all about the frequently used phrases spoken by people whose native language is English.

  • Optimizing Video for SEO

Quite obviously you create a video with the intention to get online focus.

Hence, SEO is significant.

Your video should have a proper title that matches the content showcased within.

Remember to put relevant metadata that includes titles along with descriptions.

One more tip from my side.

Place your video in a blog post of your company and see the marked difference from SEO perspective.

Reason – it can bolster your blog content.

Your blog will be high-quality and an interesting-to-read one.

Creating content that can garner reader interest and be relevant later is the key to success.

Good content is the right step towards natural link building.

In the years to come, the content will build authority and relevancy.

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  • Integrating with marketing tools

You may not have the knowledge of making a compelling video.

You can take help of video marketing software and tools to do the job for you.

Options that you can try are:

  • Wideo,
  • Viewbix,
  • Slidely,
  • Powtoon,
  • WeVideo,
  • VideoScribe,
  • Stupeflix,
  • Filmora,
  • Vidyard
  • Wistia.

All the above are tools that provide easy-to-use software editing and video analytics.

Features like gives an exact picture of where viewers watched the video.

You get answers to questions like “Where did they exactly stop, skipped or replayed the same?”.

CTA’s can be added so that leads can directly land up in the audience’s inbox.

  • Using the power of Social Video Marketing

In an age where social media is the hero, uploading videos on your social media pages will do more good.

Social Video marketing on Facebook is the megatrend, as Mark Zuckerberg states.

Seeing and sharing videos are the game changers.

Social videos can pull up even the laziest of buyers to get hold of your product and service.

Social media helps you keep in touch with customers, clients, and viewers.

The Concluding Lines – Judgment Matters & So Do Analysis

Last but not the least, there’s no thumb rule that what works best for others will work the same for you.

Marketing games make or break.

The important factor is you should find what works best for your product or service.

I would suggest going for a market survey and then sit with your team.

Create power-packed, relevant videos for your online video marketing to spread the word about you and your business.

Have you jotted down what you want your audience to hear, see and experience?

Share it with our readers for more knowledge sharing on strategies and implementations.  

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