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New video marketing strategies are constantly a cause of concern for a good digital marketing agency. The videos you create should be innovative and engaging at the same time and that’s what every business marketer is aiming at today. 

However, if you are an amateur and own a local business, you may not know this practice in its full entirety. 

Here are 12 secrets, which can help you market your video marketing better:

1. Create Video around a Story

To make your video viral, it must revolve more around concept and less around promotion. Viewers enjoy the content and watch channels, which deliver exactly that. Promotions and businesses solely trying to sell their products are sidelined by most viewers. 

Instead, showcasing the content can help attract a wider viewership. A story is definitely a good way of keeping the audience engaged.

2. Short length video

Surprisingly, the audience usually has an average attention time of 8 seconds. Therefore, they expect you to engage them quickly with a good storyline and message. 

You should spend time thinking about different ways to do so and stick to an ideal length of about 60 seconds to convey your information. 

Anything more than 60 seconds may result in a loss of interest. Shorter videos excite users more and make the experience more enjoyable. 

3. Compatible with Mobiles

Create videos that are mobile-friendly and can load quickly on the device. Mobiles are the preferred option for surfing the net or searching for queries and therefore, it is important that videos are accessed seamlessly on mobile phones. 

Video SEO considers this technique the most beneficial among all. If your video is restricted to a particular device, you will lose a lot of traffic and views, which stunts growth. Therefore, it is best to focus on this aspect right from the beginning.

4. Decide on Sound Off/ Sound On

You should decide very carefully if you want the video sound to be on/off. If you are able to tell your story without the sound, it will be highly useful in boosting up the number of views. 

This also plays a major role in attracting viewers to your video. Most users prefer watching a video without sound and if your video doesn’t necessarily need sound effects, this will reel them in.

5. Include Calls to Action

An effective and optimised video marketing strategy is to include CTAs to enable commenting, sharing, liking and also allow subscription to the channel. 

These instant tools are great to incorporate more activity for your video and generate more leads. Three positions where you can place CTAs are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

6. SEO Compatibility

Video SEO is important for you if you want the video to be accessed by more users. The use of keywords, length of the video, the description length – all decide its success. 

SEO techniques will help your videos get ranked higher on search engines so that there is an increase in user traffic and brand credibility. 

With a around you can help you in getting raking your keywords in the user search are matched with the keywords provided by you. If they are similar, your video is shown as one of the top results for their query.

7. Collaboration with Influencers

If you collaborate with an influencer for your business, your brand may seem genuine and reliable. It adds justification for your product from an expert or professional, which makes the audience trust you completely. 

You can look out for your competitors that are doing great in the industry or anyone in your local reach with a good reputation.

8. Insert a Video Transcript

the process of translating your video’s audio into text. It is very important to insert transcript in your videos as your video ideas may resonate with people who may not understand your native language but can follow the idea behind video creation and can actually become your ardent followers. 

It is also useful for video SEO because the search bots can easily scrape the text present in the video. Providing a transcript is proven to boost your video SEO. Transcripts also make it easier to search the video for keywords or topics.

9. Relevant Keywords in Videos

SEO is a technique that can bring any content whether it is text, image or video to on top results of Search engine results and for getting results from video SEO, it is important to insert relevant keywords in the video description. Add keywords in the channel keywords section and publish them accordingly to garner extraordinary video views.

10. Engaging YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnails, the small, clickable snapshots that viewers see when they search for videos on YouTube, can be just as important as a video’s title. They preview your video and entice viewers to click through. 

Add an engaging video thumbnail in order to create the best impression on the audience, engaging thumbnail drives curiosity among the users and compels people to view your video. 

11. Feature the Best Performing Videos on Website and Social Media

Always post your youtube videos to your website also. Embedding the URL in your site will fetch more viewers who can connect with the site as well as the video. Also, publish videos across social media pages to get more audience.

12. Connect Social Media Profiles to your YouTube Channel

This technique can bring you great no. Of traffic to your website through a various social platform, It is always a great idea to add social media profile links to your channel while posting videos. 

If you really want to nail video marketing for your business, you should keep all these secrets in mind that various follows. In the long run, it is advisable to follow the footprints of a popular or known marketing agency secrets, so that your each and every digital marketing campaign performs better and gives the best output in the near future.

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