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During the last couple of years, we have seen a strong and steady increase in video content. Social media has, of course, a lot to do with this fact. Beyond YouTube, videos posted to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram generate a great amount of traffic and interaction. Regardless of your field, you can take advantage of this kind of content. This is why we are sharing four great video marketing tips for small business owners.   

One of the most important aspects of video marketing is making content that tells a story. Such content should be short and straight to the point, not otherwise. Posting native video content on our profiles instead of sharing links is essential. Also, we should take advantage of sharing live content through our social media sites. Following these useful video marketing tips will help us generate more traffic and interaction with our customers.   

One of the most important video marketing tips to remember is using your video to tell a story. Even when the ultimate goal is to advertise your service or product, blunt video ads just don’t work anymore. Therefore, creating content that connects with your target audience is best achieved through storytelling.   

Introducing the right kind of characters and adding an interesting and compelling angle will help you connect with the viewer. Having a resolution will enhance such connection and justify the reason behind the video. Also, remember to show the personality and brand of your company.   

Creating powerful and relevant video content for social media comes with several different challenges. One of them is finding the right duration for our video. We should be aiming at creating engagement and interaction through our video content. The best way to achieve this is by creating short and meaningful videos.   

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect video length formula. However, Hubspot took the time to research the ideal video length for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube videos. They found that the ideal Instagram video should last no more than 30 seconds, and 45 for Twitter. For Facebook videos, the ideal is 1 minute, and 2 minutes for YouTube.   

Another of the most useful video marketing tips for small businesses include posting native video content. This means posting directly to each platform, instead of posting on one and sharing the link on the rest. This is particularly true for Facebook videos and video shares.  

It might make sense to create video content designed for YouTube, and then share the link to this video through our social media sites. However, posting videos directly to Facebook will increase the number of shares and interactions than posting only their links.   

Facebook has recently paid much more attention to optimizing the video experience on their site. As a result, video content has seen a significant increase in both presence, relevance, and demand. Also, since they added the option of stream events live, this tool has become a marketing must.   

In order to fully take advantage of Facebook Live, you need to work on a marketing strategy for the event. This includes before, during, and after their live transmission. Build anticipation and let your audience prepare for the live event.   

During the event, remember to interact and engage with your viewers. Remind them why they want to stay watching and add a call to action at the end. Keeping the video available on your site after the event has ended is essential, too. This will give viewers who might have missed it an opportunity to watch it and tune in during the next live event.  

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