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Woman at a retail storeIt’s a proven fact. Customers are more likely to buy something they’ve seen in action. It’s why the vacuum salesman would go door-to-door, demonstrating just how clean his vacuum would get the carpet.

Live demonstrations are just as effective today as they were a generation or two ago, however, technology today has made it even easier to show customers what they’re buying before they buy it. Enter video marketing.

Consumers today are tech savvy, and a majority of consumers will do online research before making a purchase. A recent study by finds that 57 percent of online customers are more confident in the product they are considering purchasing after watching a video demonstration of that product. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said they will watch product videos “most of the time” when provided by the brand or manufacturer. Fifty-seven percent said they use their mobile devices to do research while shopping and a surprising 55 percent said they scanned a QR code while in the store to watch a video about a product they were considering purchasing.

Here’s an example of how lululemon athletica uses video marketing to engage their customers:

The key for the fashion and retail industry is to go beyond product videos. Consumers want more. Engaging your audience and potential consumers is about far more than giving them a sales pitch.

Zappos is one of the greatest examples of video marketing by a retail company. Not only does Zappos produce product videos at a rate higher than any other retailer, the company has incorporated video into it’s overall branding and marketing strategy.

The Zappos video strategy includes:

o   Product videos

o   Customer service videos

o   How-to videos

o   Brand marketing, and more!

Use video to get your customers to the point of purchase, but keep them satisfied long after their purchase and foster brand loyalty with a video marketing strategy that goes beyond product videos.

How are you using Youtube for your business? Let us know in the comments below. Then go watch some of our social media marketing videos.

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