Video Marketing Tips: Are Your Videos Flat?

Have you ever recorded a video for your business but then looked back at it and critiquing yourself you’re like, do I really look like that or do I really sound like that?

Maybe it like really flat or your face looks really deadpan you’re like I’ve got no expression and I’ve got no energy in my voice. 

Today I want to share with you three cool tips on how to get more energy so that your videos look a whole lot better and get your message across.

I used to do a lot of videos sitting at my chair and I still do something in my car but most of the time now I do my videos standing up!

First of all, when you’re trying to project your voice you want your lungs and your diaphragm to have as much room as possible also standing up is more of you being in a like power pose. 

By standing in power pose or generally just standing up gives you more energy and projects your voice so much better and it just sounds clearer and more energetic to the person watching your video.

Now the next one is a little tip I’ve learned over the last couple of years when I’ve continued to do videos even when I don’t feel like it, and it’s a simple little trick using peppermint oil.

All you need to do with the Peppermint oil is either pop some in your hands, put a little drop in your hand and take a deep breath and breathe it in.

Another way to use it is to put it on my temples, but make sure it’s far away from the eyes otherwise you’ll end up crying because of the menthol.

I also put a little bit on my lip and behind my neck and seriously you get like the .. “OMG! I’m Awake!”

The third one is something that most people probably won’t teach you but it’s to, really think about the person who’s watching your video.

Think about that one specific person.

When I think about you watching today’s video it just makes you more passionate about wanting to help you and wanting to convey the best message possible.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did please share it.

Tracey Rose .. xx
Making Home Business Marketing Fun!

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