Video marketing tips and tricks with Wistia’s Chris Savage.

Chris Savage is the Co-Founder & CEO of – a smart and simple video marketing and hosting service.

His Twitter profile outlines his obsessions as: marketing, analytics, IPAs, coffee, and ping pong.

But what he’s known for is his passion for video marketing . as he says “Every business that I have seen that has invested in video, has done better for it.”

In this episode of TheSmall Business Big Marketing Show, I ask Chris why the small business owner should invest in video & how to go about creating engaging video so your business reaps the rewards.

So what is Wistia, you ask?  The website describes it as Simple & Smart Video Hosting.  What you will find out is it is so much more.  Wistia is designed to work powerfully with your Online Marketing efforts, and most importantly (and unlike You Tube), the technology enables you to neatly embed your call to action.

In this fireside chat with Chris, I find out whether video killed the radio star, how small business owners can implement a killer content-marketing strategy and in short, all things Wistia.

Chris tackles my questions:

How can I create a video for my small business?

Is it for everyone?

Would I really build authority & trust?

Do I need a dedicated space or studio?

And plenty more.

So, did video kill the radio star?  Let’s find out …

0.40: Did video kill the radio star?

2:00:   Let’s talk video marketing – Is it for everyone?

4:15:   The Secret to Good Video

5:40:   How can the small business owner utilize video?

7:35: What sort of content to put in a “teaching” video

9:30:   Undervaluing Your Content – getting over that stumbling block to creating video

10:35: What’s the best set-up to have?

12:45: The importance of having a dedicated space

13:24:   Any examples of small business in your local area who are cranking out great video marketing?

15:40: “But I’m a Bricks & Mortar Business” – Tips for you

16:28:   The Origins of WIstia

18:30:   What is Wistia Now?

21:11:    Youtube vs Wistia

25:30:   What are the SEO tools?

27:20: Is Wistia easy to use or quite technical?

29.00: What are the Top 5 “must-do’s” when uploading/marketing a video?

31:40: Post-Production Tips – what I find difficult about Podcasting

34:20: Pricing

35:20: On Wistia’s brand simplicity

Utilize the Custom Designed Holding Frame

Make it short, 1-3 minutes

Have one message per video

Get Yourself on Camera

Focus on making content about stuff  you teach

Remember:  “Advertising is what you do when you can’t go and see someone”. – Fairfax M Cone

Video is an emotional medium – it replaces the interaction that used to be a normal part of business before the days of online, e-commerce shopping carts.    Video is an absolutely fantastic way to build relationships & emotional connections with your customers.

OK team, keep your content radar on, grab your smartphone & make some videos!

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