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We create human stories that engage and convert. Let’s start telling your stories to the world using high quality video marketing: http://plvisuals.com

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12 Video Marketing Strategies That Every Marketer Should Consider

Video Marketing & Video Production Examples

Pennylane Marketing • Who Are We?
Video Production • Video Marketing • Emotional Storytelling
We specialize in producing high quality video production for business and non-profits. We are a powerful team of digital marketers, filmmakers, and storytellers. Our marketing strategies improve web traffic, content marketing, search engine optimization (seo), and social media campaigns.

Why hire us?
Companies and organizations hire us for video production and creative marketing strategies to improve brand growth. Our high quality of standards and affordable rates have helped us become one of the leading New York video production + digital marketing companies.

Brands hire us to help with…
– Web Traffic
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Click-through rate (CTR)
– Conversion Rates
– Google Rankings
– Customer Perceived Value
– Social Media Engagement
– Unique Users
– Impressions
– Sales
– Employee Performance
– Sign ups
– View Times
– Watch Times
– Fanbase Growth
– Sales Morale
– Brand Awareness
– Number of Clicks
– Likes & Shares
– Email Open Rate
– Bounce Rates
– Recruitment / hires
– Audience Engagement

Pennylane Marketing
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About Pennylane Productions | New York Video Production Company

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