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– Facebook add’s live-streaming with guests
– Instagram also add’s live-streaming with guests to it’s platform
– Facebook surpasses Netflix to take the No.2 spot for video online

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Jordan and her team of video strategist are dedicated to all thing Video Marketing. With an ever changing digital landscape, they wanted to stay up-to-date and thought why not share this with the rest of the world with a weekly video blog. That was how Coffee Corner was born. Since then they have created different types of content all focused on that same things: VIDEO STRATEGY EDUCATION.
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Hi and Welcome back to Coffee Corner!

On today’s episode- I’ll cover the latest news in VM, I’ll talk about a cool video case about incorporating video in your sales funnel and end with some tips and tricks on using video in email.

So you know the drill- grab a coffee, press F for fullscreen mode and enjoy!

Here’s whats new in Video Marketing:

FACEBOOK recently surpassed Netflix for online video taking the number two spot, according to Ampere Analysis! While Youtube is still the leader when it comes to online video, Facebook is now becoming a major player. While they’re now in third, Netflix is still a strong player as their users watch for longer.

And if you’re wondering these are the top 6 online video services:

1. Youtube

2. Facebook

3. Netflix

4. Instagram

5. Snapchat

6. Amazon Instant Video

FACEBOOK Live with Guests!

Earlier this year Facebook released a feature allowing those who are live streaming to invite on guests and now they have also rolled out the ability for those watching to request to join the live video. Also …

INSTAGRAM has added the Live streaming with guest feature on its platform as well.

Live streaming with a guests is a great opportunity to do Q&As with experts, invite customers for testimonials, or include influencers while removing the limitations of distance

AMAZON is going up against Youtube promising better brand safety and more viewer data with video advertising. While Amazon doesn’t compete when it comes to viewers having only 310 million active monthly viewers compared to youtube 1.5 billion according to CNBC. But what Amazon can boast about is including detailed metrics on shopping behavior which is super powerful to say the least.

SNAPCHAT introduced Context Cards allowing people to swipe up on stories or snaps with location specific geofilters and get more information. So now if you see a yummy brunch on someone snap stories you can scroll up make a reservations, see reviews, and even order an uber there.

Video in Your Sales Funnel! | Coffee Corner 018 | Video Marketing Insights

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