Video Advertising for eCommerce: Tips for Success

Video Advertising for eCommerce: Tips for Success

Video advertising is no longer something that only large corporations get involved in. In fact, if you sell products online, you probably already realize the importance of video advertising for eCommerce stores and could most likely benefit from learning more about what it takes to successfully advertise online.  The steps you take to improve your video advertising online can help shoppers to feel more comfortable with the idea of purchasing from your store. 

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Video can eliminate a lot of the worry that consumers might have when it comes to making an online purchase from your eCommerce store. Follow these video advertising tips for success with your eCommerce store.

1. Create 360° Product Demonstrations

Advertising your products is important to consumer satisfaction and to their willingness to make a purchase. Creating product demonstrations that show your products in action and in a 360° view will help consumers to compare and contrast your items to others they may be considering.

The more you can showcase the visual elements that make your products specifically valuable, the better! Shoppers will appreciate being able to research before they make their purchase decision.

2. Use Customer Testimonial Videos to Gain Trust

Customer testimonials can be used to gain trust among prospective clients that have yet to make a purchase from you. If you’re finding that your eCommerce store is struggling to convert visitors into paying customers, testimonial videos can help to turn this around for you.

When creating testimonials, make sure that you allow the customer to do the talking and that testimonial is genuine! A fake testimonial will quickly be called out by future customers if they are unsatisfied with the products you sell.

3. Use Case Studies to Show Value

Video advertising for eCommerce is all about proving to the visitors that come to your site that your products are worth the investment.

Video case studies that showcase how your products have helped consumers from a major subset of your audience can help prove value to would-be customers, increasing the chance of conversions.

Just make sure that you focus on how your products add value, solve problems, and make customers’ lives easier.

4. Use Informational Videos to Build Awareness

If you’re having trouble driving traffic to your eCommerce store, using informational videos can help you to boost awareness of the products that you sell.

Informational videos can be shared in email campaigns, on social media platforms, and hosted on your website to provide prospective customers with additional details about the products you offer for sale online.

5. Use a Corporate Video to Tell Your Story

Sharing your brand story with a corporate video can help you to increase trust among potential customers and generate more sales.

When it comes to video advertising for eCommerce, sometimes a branded video that shares your corporate story will help to build a sense of trust among those who may be apprehensive about purchasing online.

Sharing how your brand developed, the people behind your brand, and the stories that make up your business adds a level of humanization to an otherwise eCommerce and entirely online brand.

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