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With the dramatic growth of social media as an essential marketing tool for businesses this past couple of years, business owners like you need to show a keen interest in understanding social media marketing.

You need to know how to empower your business with social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In this article, I define social media marketing as comprising of activities like creating and posting texts, photos, audio and videos that drive engagement with your target audience. It also involves paid advertisement.

According to this, some people will use various applications to spot opportunities, network career opportunities, find people across the globe with like interests, and share their thoughts, feelings, insight, and emotions.

For businesses, social media presents vast opportunities to promote their goods, services or content. Social media is a powerful channel for marketers to create two-way conversations with potential customers.

While social media works well for some countries and businesses, it will not work for everyone. How you approach it will depend on your business.

A great example, according to this article, China’s social-media users not only are more active than those of any other country but also, in over 80% of all cases, have many social media accounts, with local players (compared with only 39% in Japan).

This appetite for all things social has spawned a dizzying array of companies, many with tools more advanced than those in the West: for example, Chinese users could embed multimedia content in social media over 18 months before Twitter users could do so in the United States.

Each social-media and e-commerce platform has at least two major local players: in microblogging (or weibo), for example, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo; in social networking, several companies, including Renren and Kaixin001.

Below, I summarise what social media channels you should use.

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When highlighting brands mentioned above, one impressive social media platform stands out from other existing social media sites .i.e. Facebook.

Over one billion people are using Facebook! This amount shows excellent potential for marketers and brands to reach their target customer.

Another impressive thing to note about Facebook is that it is a vast and active platform, and one of the best marketing channels.

People log in to their accounts daily to check messages. They like and share social posts and use it as a communication tool to communicate with friends and brands.

What sets Facebook apart from the other social platforms is its high technology capabilities. One area that’s worth looking into is Facebook advertisements.

Facebook advertising is a vibrant and robust tool. You can use it for brand awareness to get your content in front of those who are more than likely to engage and convert.

The declining organic reach on Facebook has resulted in the thriving of paid ads. Especially for brands serious about understanding social media and using it to promote their services and products.

But, as with any pay per click (PPC) campaign, you need to have a marketing strategy in place. Lots of businesses give up on Facebook advertisements too soon because of the reduced engagement rate, conversion rates or because they do not see the clear picture through their social strategy.

Tips for Social Media Advertising

Are you interested in launching a successful social media marketing campaign? Follow these tips.

Facebook ads come with a neat feature called audience insights. It allows you to fine-tune your target audience.

You select your prospect’s interest. After that, it collects data and utilises it to enhance your campaign.

The targeting criteria is extensive. It allows you to choose demographics such as gender, age and location.

Do not group different criteria. You’ve got a better chance of converting prospects by targeting a specific interest.

These days, mass marketing rarely works. Consumers want to feel connected with any brands they buy.

Separating your campaigns will also give invaluable insights into who’s converting.

Don’t make too many changes to your campaign. If you change too many things too fast, you can’t determine what caused your ad drive to improve or decline.

It also takes some time for Facebook’s algorithm to adjust to changes, so patience is critical.

Pay close attention to your analytics. Track what needs updating. Pay attention to data such as age, gender, devices and regions of your conversions.

Also, there’s an ad relevance score. This score tells you on a scale of 1 to 10 how relevant your ad is to the target audience you have selected.

Digital marketing professionals are familiar with Facebook ads. We can help you with learning the algorithm and A/B testing your ads.

The Role of Digital Agencies in Social Media Marketing

On a positive side, digital agencies that offer social media management services can help you see the full picture. They can help you develop a plan and manage your social media marketing for you. They can also help you with creating great content and ensuring consistent branding on posted content.

As a business owner, you may not be familiar with some intricate aspects of social media marketing such as influencer marketing, email marketing, creating engaging content such as visual content, video content or the impact of social media marketing on your search engine optimisation. Hiring a digital agency can help to improve your marketing efforts, especially in a post-COVID-19 business environment.

Digital agencies can also help you with your lead generation, calculating performance metrics, posting content, creating a social profile and other activities that will help you meet your marketing objectives.

Do You Need Further Help in Understanding Social Media Marketing?

From all the above information, do you see the importance of understanding social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the modern-day version of word-of-mouth advertising. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business is to ignore the potential of growing your business online on leading platforms and reaching current customers or your next customer.

If your target market is young people, then you need to focus on using relevant content in your social media marketing campaigns to reach them at the right time and through the right social media channels.

Social media marketing is not only about using social media management tools to create promotional posts and schedule them on your social media calendar. It is about using various digital channels and social media networks to connect and engage with your target market.

A lot of the information you need to know about your audience to influence your marketing strategy is already at your fingertips. An effective marketing strategy comes from data. Let us help you discover this data for your marketing strategy.

Contact us today. We can help with improving not only your social strategy but your strategy to reach potential customers.

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