Ultimate Video Marketing Tips for a Fundraising Event

Making a fundraising event is something that you must make sure people will look forward too. One good tactic to gain people’s interests is to make sure they enjoy a good promotional video from you.

Whether you are doing a fun run, a concert-for-a-cause, a tech-talk for a cause, or seminar, you must make sure that you don’t only post visual content but as well as multimedia content.

Remember that in order to be successful in marketing your online, you need to provide good content. Today, this blog post will help you do that through this video marketing tips using the current trends on the current popular streaming site, YouTube.

Ultimate Video Marketing Tips 

It’s hard to market your event using videos, well there’s no denying to that. In a span of 2 to 5 mins, you have to catch the interest of your audience. And that’s a challenge you have to face. You will either have 2 seconds of getting an attendee or a sponsor, otherwise 2 seconds of someone who watches then leaves.

A lot of event marketers often fail in doing that and I don’t want you to end up the same. Let’s take a look at these video marketing tips to try during your fundraising event.

fundraisingUse Live Streamed Videos

Since YouTube changed its policy regarding live streams, the number of businesses, organizations and event organizers that are using live videos is rising.

Currently, a user only needs to have 1000 subscribers in order to stream live videos. This opens up a lot of opportunity on this platform.

A live stream can increase your event audience reach. Most people watch a live video longer than they would on a video that’s already been pre-recorded.

Hosting an event such as Q&A sessions is the best way to increase audience and engagement. But aside from that, there are other activities to do in a live video:

  • Backstage ongoings,
  • Breaking news,
  • Live gaming,
  • Interviews, and
  • Live music.

Be sure to prepare and rehearse first before going live. Messing up your live fundraising event will show unprofessionalism. Also, don’t forget to promote your live video sessions beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll end up having few audiences or no audience at all.

Lastly, take the opportunity of promoting your business by adding Call To Actions.

Use Hashtags in Your Videos

Same as other social media platforms, a fundraising event should also use hashtags on its video contents. Using hashtags is the best way to increase the visibility of your videos. Thi s time, you can create an official hashtag for people to use when referring to your event. This will also be the hashtag that your sponsors and influencers will use to spread a word about the event.

Make sure to use the right hashtag. Remember that it’ll indicate the type of content that you have on your video. Add the hashtags in the video description field of your videos.

Make “How To…” Videos

Many video marketing tips encourage event planners to make “how to” videos. Currently, video tutorials are getting more popular because it’s a good source of engagement. You can make videos like “how to have fun on the fundraising event”, “how to complete the fun run without getting all weary and drained”, and so much more.

Remember the saying “to see is to believe” because you can apply it to your event marketing as well.

Use End and Screen Cards

Lastly, don’t forget to use CTA or call to actions. This is a perfect opportunity to encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel, learn more about your event, sponsor your fundraising event or pay to attend the event.

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