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According to statistics, 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on a large range of devices. In particular, one of the most popular social media sites for watching videos was YouTube. A video platform in which more than 5 billion videos are watched every single day all over the world, accumulating to hundreds of millions of views every hour.

So, why are people moving towards watching video instead of reading? The answer is clear. Many people just do not have the time to read through lines and lines of text. Instead, opt for the more fascinating visual content. A recently released report has found video ads or video content are much more engaging when compared to photos or text.

Educate your Customer via video

On what intention are people watching visual content? It may be for entertainment, or because they acquire knowledge from that particular video. When directly watching the video, your product or service will directly be stored within their subconscious mind. Making it much harder to forget the information they have just watched. Because of this, the result will be undoubtedly amazing. Your service will now skyrocket and conversion rates will definitely reach a new high.

As you know a video is used to describe your product. Because of this, the video should be what your customer wants to see. For example, a well put together video should be entertaining and interesting. By creating a quality video that meets the recommended requirements, you will find that it will become a video that your users are more likely to watch, share or buy from. Some of the best digital marketing training institutes in Delhi are assisting each and every individual on how to to do good Video marketing.

Concentrate on a great story, not Service or product.

John Acuff said Everybody has a story. But, when we don’t take time to listen or understand someones story, we simply create our own version of it, losing the chance to understand what they truly mean,  the first step to empathy. A good story script is paramount when creating a good video. It can be entertaining, all while educating the audience. But it is important to mention, the chosen storyline should also depend on your business‘ service.

A good digital marketer knows the importance of a video’s story. Sometimes people just focus on selling products in a video, and forget the benefits of making an engaging and trustworthy video. This will become apparent to the viewer that it is just a piece of media used as a sales stunt. A scriptwriter like a digital marketing expert knows how to connect with human emotion by writing an amazing story. This way, the audience will quickly trust your sales much more, and will take the time to purchase your product or service.

Video Marketing Tips, How To Optimize Your Video for SEO

The success and quality of your video can be seen through its visibility within the SERPs. By taking the time to incorporate these methods and tactics into your video, you can improve and rank higher within the Search Engine Results Pages for higher traffic and conversion.

You are likely to understand that SEO is a vital part of digital marketing. Because of this, we have mentioned the top 5 points of YouTube, that include video SEO tips as well, helping your video to rank higher in the online search SERPs.

1. First, Upload your video onto your domain. This will ensure that the video is owned by you
2. Set up a video Sitemap and submit it into the Search Console.
3. Provide a good keyword in the title and Meta description of your video.
4. Use a hashtag # for your video.
5. Provide transcription to your video
4. Ensure the entire video is about your Services and Product. It is imperative to not move away from your main topic. By focusing solely on what your video is about, the users will then be completely knowledgeable and aware of the information they will be receiving from a video. By being entirely transparent, the audience can make the decision on whether to watch the video or not, making it so you are not the one wasting their time.

5. Insert a call to action in your video. If you are wanting someone to reach your product or website, then you should consider using a CTA (call to action). It will give great benefits to getting traffic to your website and therefore increasing conversion rates. At the end of your video, use a CTA. By which, visitors can easily visit your website or product without any obstacle, and a simple, clickable link is all that they need.

Here are some tools Video editing which enhances video performance.

1. Blender is known for free video editing and video animation over the worldwide
2. Lightworks
3. Shotcut
4. VSDC Free Video Editor
5. Machete Video Editor Lite

Final Verdict

These video marketing tips are enough to understand how to escalate your video and the importance of video content within the ever-changing field of digital marketing. We have discussed the top 5 video marketing tips and their advantages. By following these topics, you will be sure to gain a large range of benefits  by simply creating a product or website video.

Let us know your thoughts and we look forward to hearing the ways that you too have made a quality, educational piece of video content that has stood out within the SERPs.

Author Bio: This is Eddie Jordan, A Content Writer, and Digital Marketing Expert at digitalhikes.com. He has completed a course in a master’s in teaching (BED). His passion is team leading.

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