Top Facebook Ad Design Tips That Convert to Clicks (Plus Examples)

When you run an ad on a busy platform like Facebook, you need to be able to grab your audience’s attention. And high-quality Facebook ad design is the perfect way to do just that. Check out our video on winning Facebook ad visuals and start designing yours today: https://www.visme.co/social-media-graphics/

While Facebook does offer the highest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to creating ads for your business, it also has a lot of competition for attention in the news feed. With over 6 million advertisers, everyone wants THEIR ads to be the ones users click on.

So how do you stand out among the noise and make sure that YOUR Facebook ads are the ones that make people stop scrolling and start clicking?

It has everything to do with your visuals and your overall Facebook ad design. Which type of ad you should use, how you should promote your business, and what type of graphics or imagery you should use.

That’s why we’ve put together this video where we cover our top Facebook ad design tips that stop the scroll and convert to clicks. You want people to learn more about your business and ultimately hit that buy or sign up button.

Step one is Facebook ad design.

In this video, you’ll learn more about Facebook ad design through these design tips:
00:59 Showcase Your Products
2:29 Use Icons and Illustrations
3:25 Choose The Right Color Scheme
4:35 Tell a Visual Story
6:00 Use Video to Your Advantage
6:65 Additional Tips for Maximizing Performance
7:22 Ad Copy
7:51 Call to Action (CTA)
8:20 Targeting
8:46 Ad Placement
9:30 A/B Testing

Plus, we’ve made it even easier for you to learn straight from top brands with each of the high-quality Facebook ad examples we’ve included in the video.

If you can’t design ads for Facebook, you’re not going to see the best ROI possible. Get more bang for your buck by focusing on your Facebook ad visuals and putting the best design out there.

Learn more about Facebook ad design and creating winning visuals for Facebook in this blog post: https://visme.co/blog/how-to-create-a-facebook-ad/


Top Facebook Ad Design Tips That Convert to Clicks (Plus Examples)

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