Top 6 eCommerce tips for maximum sales

The ecommerce industry is booming with an estimated 25 percent of the global population shopping online in 2020. This number is most likely much larger with the COVID-19 pandemic. For budding ecommerce business owners, or those who have been in the online retail space for a while now, this all equates to more revenue.

However, attracting online consumers to your ecommerce website and converting them is easier said than done. There is quite a bit of competition, regardless of your niche. If you want to create a long lasting ecommerce business, you’ll need to have the right assets in place, like fast page loading and ecommerce order management.

To help you launch and grow your online business, we have compiled a few of the top ecommerce tips for maximum sales. Let’s dive in!

1. Never Rush To Market

Chances are, your niche already has plenty of ecommerce sites, so there is really no need to rush the launch of your ecommerce business. Most unsuccessful online shopping businesses fail due to rushing. Why? They simply failed to deliver a powerful user experience with the right products and site features.

However, you can certainly begin building brand awareness prior to launch. Set up a landing page with your e commerce website domain with a story about your business. Just be sure to let visitors know that it is “coming soon.” You can also start your social media marketing.

2. Make The Consumer Priority #1

The consumer is absolutely critical to the growth and success of your online store. If you focus on the user when developing your website, as well as after launch, you will find it easier to max out sales. Give consumers what they want to make a purchase decision, such as competitive pricing, ease of use, fast checkout, secure payment processing, free shipping, and more.

3. Make Sure Testing Your Ecommerce Website Is Thorough

Many ecommerce business owners set up their sites and simply launch without very thorough testing. This can lead to ecommerce disaster and far less sales. Think about every aspect, from landing on the site via Google product search to email order confirmations. If something is not working, fix it before going live.

Testing is also a must-do after launch. To get maximum sales, you need to test product pages, offer and deal pages, and other website assets via A/B testing. You should also set up a heat map on your site to see how visitors are interacting with each page.

4. Social Media Can Help Max Out Sales

Social media is very important to ecommerce. In fact, many sales are actually done through social media sites these days. For example, Instagram has Instagram Shopping, a platform within the popular social network for businesses to sell products.

Social media can also help you serve up discount codes and promotions to the masses. You can do this organically, or through paid advertisements. Find the social media networks your target audience uses the most, and leverage those social channels for maximum sales.

5. Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose a ton of potential customers to competitors that do have mobile-friendly ecommerce websites. Why? Consumers live in the mobile age. Smartphones are attached to people, and people use smartphones to find products and buy them online. This is one of the most important tips for maximum sales.

6. SEO Is Essential For Ecommerce Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely essential for maximum ecommerce sales. You can also optimize your site and product pages to reduce your need for online ads, since you can rank on Google SERPs organically.

But doing SEO is time consuming and you may need to have some SEO skills. The most important part of ecommerce SEO is site speed and keywords. Your ecommerce site pages should load fast, preferably in less than a second. You should also be using keyword terms in product titles and descriptions to get found online.

In Conclusion . . .

The above top 6 ecommerce tips for maximum sales are just the tip of the iceberg. There are definitely plenty more ecommerce tips out there to entice customers to your site and convince them to go from site visitor to customer.

You should also consider setting up a powerful email marketing and remarketing strategy. This allows you to connect with customers and resell them on products using discount codes and special promotional offers.

Ecommerce is here to stay. There is plenty of money on the table for those who get online retail right. What are your ecommerce goals for 2020? We want to hear from you.

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