Top 15 Benefits of Social Media Advertising in Pakistan

Despite being the most significant tool of marketing these days, some companies are still quite uncertain to the idea of social media marketing. Particularly in Pakistan where traditional marketing has been rooting from ages, social media marketing has always been looked at with doubt. The roots of traditional marketing being stronger has a lot to do with the people’s untrustworthiness towards social media platforms. Social media platforms in Pakistan and countries where its timeline is pretty short has managed to create trust issues.

However, the state of mind has been shifting as the usage of internet has been increasing in the country. Moreover, this has influenced marketers to shift themselves from traditional marketing to social media marketing as well.

Social Media Marketing; The Way Towards Good Advertising:

To be honest, the contemporary business world is all about social media marketing. The social media platforms were surely created to enhance the path of communication but gradually it developed itself as a platform for business holders. The amount of advertise we see on our newsfeed shows how the social media market has grown in the last few years.

Whether you’re a Facebook user or an Instagrammer, you can’t avoid the sponsored advertising on your newsfeed.

Well, the apparent shift in marketing and business didn’t happen all of a sudden. There are tons of benefits that one can achieve with effective social media marketing which traditional marketing lacked in providing. Some of these benefits will take place on our blog.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

source: Sprout Social

Here are some of the benefits that might compel you in looking towards the brighter side of social media advertising.

  1. Your Potential Customers Spends Maximum Time Online:

There’s no doubt in the fact that most of the people these days are active social media users. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, the statistics of average consumption is somewhat similar.

According to the researchers, 80% of all Internet users use Facebook. But from last few years, we have seen the number increasing for Snapchat and Instagram. And this game of numbers is also urging the marketers to invest in platforms where the numbers are high.

However, despite the number play, it’s a fact that consumers these days can learn more about a product than any other form of advertising.

  1. Efficiently Targets The Traffic:

The first and foremost goal of social media advertising is to catch traffic. The more traffic your social media marketing generates, the more beneficial it is for your business.

Moreover, social media marketing makes it pretty easy for the business to meet its goals. Through geo-targeting; which means communicating your audience via the location or opting for social media websites that allow the business to communicate irrespective of geographical location. In both ways, the plan to achieve the required traffic is often fulfilled.

  1. Lets You Understand Your Audience:

The first rule of advertising is ‘always known about your audience.’ What it likes, what it dislikes, what it might like and so on. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is the most effective tool when it comes to understanding your targeted audience. Not only does it helps you in knowing your audience better but with social media listening software you can even reach out to more audience.

The benefits people expect from efficient marketing is to get hands on more customers. Social media marketing has achieved this goal in fewer years than traditional marketing. This has a lot to do with the ability of social media platforms of being in interaction with the customers 24/7.

  1. Cheapest Form of Advertising:

Being in the field of marketing, I know how heavy it can be on pockets, especially for small business holders. Social media marketing and its tools are not only profitable for big firms as it can only favor them in terms of brand recognition. But for small business holders, this tool is everything.

Social media marketing doesn’t expect you to invest loads of money in it for it to work efficiently. You can literally spend a few bucks and reach to a larger audience.

  1. Easier To Keep Track About Your Competitors:
source: Keyhole

To keep your business running it’s important to know what your competitors are doing, every day.

Professional digital  media marketing specially social media  helps you in collecting all the information about your competitors. It also keeps you updated about market trends & new techniques.

  1. Builds Strong Relationships With Customers:

The internet is the best way to stay connected with your customers and potential customers. The more interactive your business profile is the more chances are there to connect with your customers.

To build a better understanding and relationship between brand and customers you can make your business profile user friendly. All you need to do is update your customers with your happenings, offers and about the brand, through “Follow/ Subscribe” options.

  1. Helps Raising Brand Loyalty:

Social media marketing efficiently influences your audience. It is reported by Generated by Texas Tech University, brands that have profiles on social media channels are enjoying a higher loyalty level from their customers as compared to the rest.

  1. Increase in Revenue, Sales, and Leads:
Source: Sprout Social

Social media advertising is the key to increase in revenue, sales and leads in a business.

Here are some of the statistics and screenshot related to Facebook advertising and its earning:

A business $519.87 in Facebook ads and generated $1,557.50 in sales. On average, they spent $3.42 per conversion

  1. Faster and Better Communication:

There are no other adequate means of communication these days then social media.

Social media marketing is not only about advertising or product but it also is a channel for better communication with customers.

  1. Customer Feedback:
source: Zingle Blog

The benefits one acquires from social media marketing is the quick customer response. The frequent customer feedback one receives not only benefits the brand but also gives a better understanding of the targeted audience.

  1. Make your Game Stronger with Influencers:

The essential way towards brand recognition is making it recognize through influences. There are a bunch of influences in Pakistan that are worth looking for branding your brand.

  1. Always Stay on your Customer’s Mind:

Since there’s no stop to social media there shouldn’t be any stop to your branding. The 24/7 branding lets you stay on your customer’s mind throughout their internet usage.

  1. Increases Website Engagements:
source: Elegant Themes

How long has it been since you visited any clothing brand’s website and later saw their ad on your newsfeed? IT HAPPENS TO ME DAILY. But guess what, it’s the most common marketing tactic these days.

This tactic is called remarketing. Remarketing helps businesses to advertise to recent website visitors.

  1. Targeted Advertising at Its Best:

If you’re clever enough to decide where and how social media platforms are developing targeted advertising, then you are here to rule the digital world.

Social media platforms like Facebook, allows you to target users based on interests, employers and other criteria.

Now that you know what benefits come with social media marketing its time to spice up your business.

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