Top 10 Real Estate Video Marketing Tips

No doubt, real estate video marketing is an essential component for the digital promotion of property business.

Real estate marketing has gone through a number of phases, and it is for sure that video marketing is a very important phase. It will not be wrong to say that online videos are one of the most significant benchmarks of the evolution of technologies.  They have opened new ways of entertainment as well as information.

Videos are supposed to be the more effective manners to get information as well as tutorials as compared to the written stuff by many people.

Here is some data about the trend of people watching videos:

These statistics show the significance of video marketing in the present scenario.  When it comes to real estate marketing, the significance of video marketing is enhanced to a huge level. The videos enhance the scope for real estate firms, as it is now possible for users to get the sight home and land with moving images without visiting at the place. Of course, visiting the place has its own significance, which cannot be substituted but videos cover a first few steps. On the videos, the users are able to see many aspects of the property from their place, which saves their time. If they reject some of the aspects of the property on videos, they don’t need to visit that place, which is unquestionably very time-saving.

But, as in the case of every other area of marketing, video marketing also requires strategy. Video marketing is also sometimes considered as a part of content marketing and social media marketing, so the strategy of aforesaid disciplines may also include video marketing. This is a vast procedure, so it is usually advised to take the help of a digital marketing agency.

Here are some tips for video marketing, which you can start with.

1. Make Listing Videos

There are videos, which provide the listing of the properties in a specific area. These types of videos give the idea to the users about the properties available in an area. Display the pictures or clippings of the properties available. The listing can be provided through the written content also, but the videos allow the users to get the perfect idea about the properties listed.

2. Add Interview Videos

You can add the interviews of the past clients whom you have dealt with. You can choose the clients, who are happy with the dealings. A large number of potential buyers search for the experiences of previous clients, which is why such videos are helpful for you to get new clients. For example, you can see the video of Beverly Meaux on YouTube, in which the interview of previous clients has been taken. Ask the questions from the clients, which could clear the doubts of the potential buyers.

3. Optimize Video for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques should be applied for the videos also, and it is one of the best ideas for real estate video marketing. Several times, you may get the clients via videos also. Add appropriate keywords in tags and descriptions also.

4. Focus on Story-Based Videos Instead of Sales-Based

Excessive sales-based videos may
annoy potential clients. This is why your focus should be on the stories. Focus
on the features of the property in which you are dealing with. This is what the
video audiences want to see. These videos help them understand what you are
offering to them. Try to make the videos in the form of documentaries. You can
add the sales part in the video, but it should not be the subject of major

5. Make First 10 Seconds of the Videos Best

According to a market research, 20% of viewers click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer. If your first ten seconds are effective, you can retain a huge volume of audiences. It is an obvious fact that many of the viewers leave the video when they don’t find it interesting. This is why the first few seconds are crucial. 

But, still it is not sufficient,
and you have to make the video in a way that could bind the audiences for a long
time. The video should not lose its impact even after 10 seconds.

6. Add the Videos to the Blogs

Today, the blog posts are not just meant for the written content, but they are also the sources to promote the videos. Embedding videos in the blog posts is one of the best ways to promote the videos, which further help in promoting your real estate business. You can also use a combination of written content and videos, and it is supposed to be an ideal method of real estate video marketing.

7. Share Videos to Social Media

Social media is one of the great sources to share videos. As mentioned in the data above, a large number of users, a large number of people watch the videos on Facebook and Twitter; however, the video hosting site YouTube is itself considered as a social media sites nowadays.

It is a well-known fact that real estate video marketing has been very successful on the social media platforms.

8. Sponsor the Video Posts on Facebook

Facebook Ads provides a unique targeting feature, in which you can target the audience via age, gender, likes, behavior, location etc. Your sponsored posts are displayed in the newsfeeds of your targeted audiences. Targeting posts with videos or video links is one of the best ways of video marketing. With the help of this feature, you can display the videos to the wider audiences.

9. Start Live Video Q&A

The live videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, have become the perfect sources to directly engage with the audiences. You can go live and directly communicate with people and solve their queries. The audiences can ask their questions in the comments sections, and you can answer their queries. Besides, Facebook also provides you the option to be part of the live video. These types of engaging videos provide ideal ways to attract clients.

If you ignore the concept of live video on social media for your real estate video marketing, then you are losing a big opportunity.

10. Use New Platforms

When some new video platform is
launched, you get the best opportunity to do video marketing. For example, IGTV
was launched by Instagram on June 20, 2018, which gained huge popularity in this
short time span. You can build your network at the new platforms from the very

To Sum Up

These are some of the tips that you can use for the video marketing of your real estate business. You can explore many other ways on the web. To get the full benefits of video marketing, you can contact a digital marketing agency.

We also have a team of experts, who have good knowledge about video marketing and are also experienced in real estate marketing. Besides, our experts are well-versed in other aspects of digital marketing services as well. You can contact us and can get our assistance.

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