TikTok Marketing for App Downloads

Our guest this week is Natalie Rozenblat, Marketing Strategist at Incipia. She shares everything you need to know about driving mobile app downloads on TikTok.


02:03 What is working on TikTok

03:35 Macro influencers working better on TikTok

05:13 Macro influencers vs micro influencers

12:09 How much to actually pay your influencers

16:18 Do you Reach influencers with a personal or Business account?

16:57 How to track ROI on TikTok campaigns?

17:53 The 101 on Google UAC

18:58 Intimately us App Audit

33:06 Drinkster App Audit

39:39 What do you think about Apps vs Websites

47:32 MTT Basics Poker Tournament Strategy App Audit

57:31 Writey App Audit

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TikTok Marketing for App Downloads

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