TikTok For Real Estate Agents (Lead Gen, Strategy, & Content)

How to Use TikTok for Real Estate Agents (Lead Generation, Strategy, & Content). Today’s video discusses the potential for realtors to succeed in their practice by leveraging one of the most trending and relevant social media platforms.

TikTok is often misunderstood as a social platform or unconsciously labeled something “the kids do”, when in reality, many real estate agents already have had massive influence on the TikTok platform, generated leads and clients, and even gone viral worldwide with over 9 million views on a single video.

In this value-packed video, I teach you the different tactics and strategies that I’ve helped real estate agents implement on the platform as well as examples of what other agents are doing today to maximize organic exposure on TikTok. Let’s get that TikTok growth!

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0:43 What This Video Will Discuss In Detail
1:10 Content On TikTok
4:05 Content & Strategy For Real Estate Agents
5:21 TikTok Social Funnel
7:10 Post Videos (with examples)
9:21 Interact With Your Audience
10:22 Posting Consistently
11:12 Constantly Be Adapting

TIKTOK CREATORS Within The REAL ESTATE NICHE (including agents) ⬇️
-Aaron Grushow Realtor (@aarongrushowhomes) 1.1M Followers
-Tanner Pfaff Realtor (@tannerwpfaff)
-Amy Barnes Realtor (@amytherealtor)
-@nestseekers (Firm)
-@getronnie (Realtor)
-@derickjonesss (Property Highlights)
-Jeffrey Clay Realtor (@the_queencity_realtor)
-@reslestatesbest (Property Highlights)
-Ed Stulak Realtor (@realtoroftiktok)
-Julie Davis Realtor (@juliemdavisrealtor)
-Chelsea Peitz Realtor (@chelsea.peitz)
-Corey Cohen Realtor (@mrcoreycohen)

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TikTok For Real Estate Agents (Lead Gen, Strategy, & Content)

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