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Week of October 23, 2017

#1. 44 of the Best Social Media Marketing Resources from Q3 2017

Every quarter we publish a list of all the newest resources available here at SMOC: in lessons, the Facebook group, on the blog and more. Get the big list here . . . http://bit.ly/2hL5n4W

#2. [WEBINAR REPLAY] Facebook Ads for Small Business

When the average lead cost on Facebook is $5, how can small businesses afford to advertise? That’s what members learned in this webinar, where Maria shared case studies of SMOC members getting targeted leads for as little as .66 each. See the replay here . . . http://bit.ly/2xeV4wL

#3. [NEW LEARNING TRACK] Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI

It’s the part of social media marketing too many consultants, business owners and agencies dread: proving a return on your investment. We published a comprehensive list of SMOC lessons, infographics, blog posts and Facebook group masterminds on the topic in a new learning track. It’s your one-stop location to find everything you need to learn & execute measuring your ROI . . . . http://bit.ly/measuresmmroi

#4. [MEMBER QUESTION] Easy Way to Install the Facebook Pixel on a Magento Website?

This SMOC member wanted a simple way to install the Facebook pixel for advertising on to her Magento website. Without having to touch a line of code. Maria shared an excellent solution here . . . http://bit.ly/2z06w3E

#5. [MEMBER QUESTION] “Audience Too Small” Error When Uploading MailChimp File to Facebook

This SMOC member wants to create a custom audience of her clients from a MailChimp file. She uploaded it to Facebook, and got an “Audience too small” error, even though the file contains thousands of current email addresses. Why the error? Find out here . . . http://bit.ly/2z0hUg1

Week of October 16, 2017

#1. [60-Second Video] What Worked on Instagram During 3rd Quarter 2017?

In an ongoing series about what worked in social media marketing during 3rd quarter 2017, here’s what we found drove results on Facebook in 3rd quarter 2017 . . . http://bit.ly/2icc2ZR

#2. [60-Second Video] What Worked on Twitter During 3rd Quarter 2017?

Twitter’s audience is unique from any other social networ, and what drives results is as well. Here’s what we found worked on Twitter in 3rd quarter 2017 . . .http://bit.ly/2idyS3n

#3. [60-Second Video] What Worked in Blogging During 3rd Quarter 2017?

Has blogging made content oversaturated online? Find out what blog posts got the most organic traffic in 3rd quarter 2017 . . . http://bit.ly/2ieXb0Z

#4. [60-Second Video] What Worked in Email Marketing During 3rd Quarter 2017?

Is email marketing really dead (as more than one marketing expert has declared)? Here’s what we found drove results in email marketing in 3rd quarter 2017 . . . http://bit.ly/2iegG9K

#5. [New Video] How Many Times Has Your Content Been Repinned?

Pinterest analytics give you the basics about what your most popular pin is & what boards it appears on, but doesn’t tell you how many times it’s been repinned. Maria shares a smart hack for doing a Google search and finding out in Lesson 14 of our Pinterest 101 class . . . http://bit.ly/2ie7JNK

#6. [New Video] How to Automate Adding Your Videos to Pinterest Boards

Maria shares an automation she’s created to add your YouTube videos (or videos any other source) to Pinterest in this new video in Lesson 15 of the Pinterest 101 class . . . http://bit.ly/2idzWnT

Week of October 09, 2017

#1. How to Handle Social Media During a Tragedy

When a disaster strikes, whether man-made or natural, it’s critical to be sensitive to your audience. How should you handle your social media marketing & accounts during challenging times? Learn Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2y45rY1

#2. How to Measure 3rd Quarter Marketing Results

How did your business do in the 3rd quarter of 2017? How much did your marketing contribute to your results? Searching for marketing ROI (beyond vanity metrics) doesn’t have to be a headache. Learn how to do it simply here . . . http://bit.ly/2y31FxW

#3. What Worked on Facebook During 3rd Quarter 2017?

Social media changes constantly, and too many experts focus solely on what’s new. Not here: we focus on what actually works. Here’s what we found drove results on Facebook in 3rd quarter 2017 . . . http://bit.ly/2y2J5pM

#4. [BONUS WEBINAR] Facebook Ads for Small Business

Facebook ads are getting more expensive . . . and will continue to do so. How can small businesses compete without blowing their budget? That’s what you’ll learn in this bonus webinar, as Maria shares successful ads we’ve done for our clients . . . http://bit.ly/2kqT0Qc

Week of October 02, 2017

#1. Ultimate Guide to Creating Social Media Images Using PicMonkey

Learn how to use basic image edits, add a watermark, remove a background, create a Facebook cover, YouTube thumbnail and Instgagram collage in the most thorough tutorial on PicMonkey available here . . . http://bit.ly/picmonkeysmimage

#2. How to Animate Instagram Images Using This App

This SMOC member showed Maria an incredible app to animate text & overlays over images on Instagram. Find out more here . . . http://bit.ly/2xJHMvO

#3. The Most Important Email You’ll Ever Send

Email marketing works hand-in-hand with social media: so what’s the most important email you’ll ever send? It also happens to be the most opened email by your readers. Learn what it is here . . . http://bit.ly/2xJIRnm

Week of September 25, 2017

#1. [WEBINAR REPLAY] How to Sell Using Facebook Live Video

How can you sell products & services by broadcasting live video with Facebook? Entrepreneurs shared how they make it easy for people to view their broadcasts, purchase from them, and follow up to get the sale. Watch the replay here . . .  http://bit.ly/2y2i1Hv

#2. Off-the-Cuff LinkedIn Video Gets Massive Engagement

This SMOC member is re-entering the workface after a 5-year hiatus. She recorded a brief video, uploaded it to LinkedIn, and so far it has 1,620 views, 62 Likes and 35 comments. How did she do it? Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2fKxhOm

#3. Launching a New Product to Become an Additional Revenue Source

This SMOC member is an expert in a complicated field, and she’s ready to simplify it for her market. How? With a fill-in-blank spreadsheet and tool that does the hard work for them. See it here . . . http://bit.ly/2fJxDou

Week of September 18, 2017

#1. [UPDATED] How to Mine Someone’s Contacts on LinkedIn (Ethically)

LinkedIn officially removed the ability to search your connections’ contacts . . . but, Maria reveals how you can still do this (without upgrading to LinkedIn Premium). Get the details in Lesson 8 of your LInkedIn 101 class here . . . http://bit.ly/2s7JQKU

#2. Branding with Animated GIFs

This SMOC member invested a lot of time creating a GIF for LinkedIn, only to find out they don’t support them. While she was disappointed, Maria guided her in a similar direction here . . . http://bit.ly/2x7eTZQ

#3. Should You Use Hashtags on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn now officially supports hashtags (better late than never!). So should you be using them here? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2x6HLSh

#4. SMOC Member Success Stories

SMOC members are achieving success with their classes: growing their LinkedIn networks, selling more products, doing Facebook Live videos, and sending out email newsletters. Get the details here . . . http://bit.ly/2x6kHTt

Week of September 11, 2017

#1. [BONUS WEBINAR] How to Sell Using Facebook Live Video

3 . . 2. . 1. . you’re LIVE on Facebook and selling to your fans. This month, you’ll discover case studies of B2C & B2B brands using Facebook Live, how to get sales (you may not need that complex ecommerce store), and how to drive massive attendance to your live videos. Learn more here . . . bit.ly/FBLiveSales

#2. How to Get Your Call-to-Action to Display in Facebook Search Results

Facebook search is becoming a significant competitor to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Even better? You can get people to call your business or message you directly from your Facebook page listing in search results. Find out how here . . . http://bit.ly/2vNN0lN

#3. [UPDATED] How to Identify Your Most Popular Facebook Posts

Facebook Insights have changed significantly over the past year, and we’ve updated our lessons to reflect the newest features. Nowhere else can you dive deep into Post Insights in a 10-minute video. Get it here . . . http://bit.ly/2vOANNz

#4. TIME Magazine Covers Taken on iPhone by Photographer Discovered on Instagram

The most recent issue of TIME has 12 different covers, all taken with an iPhone, by a photographer they discovered Instagram. It’s an amazing story of women pioneers and how social media played a role . . . http://bit.ly/2vOTvVo

#5. [MEMBER QUESTION] Feedback on First LinkedIn Post?

This SMOC member is re-entering the workforce after a five-year medical hiatus. She’s in a male-dominated industry and wants feedback on her first LinkedIn post. See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2vOpXaG

Week of September 05, 2017

#1. [LEARNING TRACK] Social Media Engagement

Every entrepreneur wants more engagement on social media. We’ve just made it easy to find out how to get it with our new learning track: every SMOC resource on engagement, all in one place. Get it here . . . http://bit.ly/2ezb9Wt

#2. [MEMBER QUESTION] Follow People or Brands on Instagram?

This SMOC member has a successful fashion business and is new to Instagram. She wants to know: should she follow people or brands? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2ez1MG5

#3. [MEMBER QUESTION] How to Add the Facebook Like Box to Shopify?

Is it possible to add a Facebook Like Box (now called the Facebook Page Plugin) to a Shopify store? Yes, you can! Find out how here . . . http://bit.ly/2ezcn41

#4. [MEMBER QUESTION] Boost a Post & Run an Ad to It at the Same Time?

This member wanted to know if he could boost a post and run an ad to it at the same time. Is it possible, and should he do it? See Maria’s advice here . . .http://bit.ly/2ezBi7x

Week of August 28, 2017

#1. [WORKSHOP REPLAY] Hands-On Social Media Optimization

Members got to have Maria take a look at their social analytics and turn them into an actionable plan. What they discovered was surprising and contradicted “expert” advice. Watch the replay here . . . http://bit.ly/2fXUHD4

#2. Her Facebook Live Video Generates Revenue Every Week

This SMOC hosts a regular Facebook Live event every week. Her fans & customers can’t wait to tune in, and she hosts her own QVC-type show that has her selling out. See how she does it here . . . http://bit.ly/2w9Z837

#3. Facebook Targeting Option Doesn’t Appear on Her Posts

This SMOC member wants to add demographic & interest targeting to her posts, but those options don’t appear for her. Why not? Find out here . . . http://bit.ly/2w9D88r

#4. Should I Create a Mobile App?

This SMOC member has a great idea for an interactive app: does she need to create a mobile app or is there a simpler, less costly way to do it? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2wadj8ua

Week of August 21, 2017

[WEBINAR REPLAY] Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Members got this 32-minute webinar, slide deck, mp3 audio and infographic on how to get more engagement by posting less often. Maria also showed how to overcome Facebook’s removal of sorting your Post Insights data. Watch the replay here . . . http://bit.ly/2fXUHD4

Week of August 14, 2017

#1: [NEW] How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Advertising Account

If you’ve hiring a consultant or team member to create ads on your account, you need to give them permission in Facebook. It’s neither easy nor simple, and the Facebook instructions are unclear. Maria recorded a video tutorial to show you exactly how to add the several (yes, really) permissions your team will need. See it in the new Lesson 18 of Facebook 103 here . . . http://bit.ly/FB103Lesson18

#2: [UPDATED] LinkedIn Networking Infographic

LinkedIn has made significant changes to keep you in their social network longer and using it more often. Our ever-popular LinkedIn infographic now offers how to use these new features to optimize your results here . . . http://bit.ly/1wY4ici Plus, SMOC members get three different LinkedIn infographics: the networking infographic, one on LinkedIn image sizes, and finally one on how to optimize your profile for leads & sales.

#3. [MEMBER COACHING] Facebook Ads Help & Book Promotion

This week’s member coaching sessions were all about Facebook ads: how to create your first one, how to optimize existing ones, and how to optimize your results. Also, one SMOC member has a authored a series of books & wants to know how to get them in front of the right people. See the coaching recaps here . . . http://bit.ly/2wH8Zfg

#4. [SMOC Exclusive] Facebook Quietly Removes Ability to Sort Post Insight Data

Facebook didn’t announce this, nor have we seen it covered anywhere else. Maria discovered Facebook removed your ability to sort your Post Insights by Reach and Engagement. In fact, you can’t sort Post Insights at all, which renders them relatively useless. Maria has a way to get around this and explains it here . . . http://bit.ly/2wGK7Eo . . . and in this month’s bonus webinar: Optimize Your Social Media.

Week of August 07, 2017

#1: [BONUS WEBINAR] Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Yes, you really can get more engagement by posting less often, and in this month’s bonus webinar, Maria will reveal the tactics she uses to boost engagement and have authentic conversations with your fans, followers and influencers . . . http://bit.ly/2w2EcZP

#2: [MEMBER COACHING] Creating Facebook Ads, Promoting a Book Series & More

One-on-one coaching sessions were booked solid this week, and members got help in creating their first Facebook ad, landing page & pixel, promoting a book series, and tweaking an existing Facebook ad to get better results. See details here . . . http://bit.ly/2va8Ule

#3: New Member Quick Start Video Tutorial

We’ve got a brand new member quick start video tutorial that gets you up and running with your classes in less than 3 minutes! Can it really be that simple? Yes! See it here . . . http://bit.ly/smocquickstart

Week of July 31, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR EXCERPT] Cybersecurity for Small Business

Learn how simple protecting your website & business can be in this brief excerpt of our members-only webinar on cybersecurity. The best part? Your hosting company handles this first step . . . http://bit.ly/2sx8eTj

#2: Why Executing Your Plan is the Hardest Part

Maria went on Facebook Live to chat with members about taking the time to execute their business plans. See the video here . . . http://bit.ly/2vWcvBQ

#3: [Member Question] Does Google Penalize Websites for Using Plugins?

The SMOC member was given an SEO proposal claiming Google penalizes WordPress websites for using the Yoast SEO plugin (along with others). See what Maria has to say about this “claim” here . . . http://bit.ly/2vVXuQp

Week of July 24, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR REPLAY] Cybersecurity for Small Business

Best takeaway from the members-only webinar? “My WordPress developer doesn’t know this stuff!” Get the replay, slide deck, mp3 audio and infographic here . . . http://bit.ly/2upjkgp

#2: Social Media Contest Lessons at SMOC

Want to run a social media contest but don’t know where to start? Check out these lessons, case studies & examples to get started and get tons of entries . . . http://bit.ly/2uprlSF

#3: Facebook Video Timeline Cover

This SMOC member recorded a video to use as her new timeline cover. Awesome, right? Except that it’s hugely oversized. How can she get the video size right? Find out here . . . http://bit.ly/2upAWJc

#4: Remove Photo Background Easily (without Photoshop)

This SMOC member shared her favorite easy “hack” for removing the background for any image. The best part? No Photoshop required . . . http://bit.ly/2upBKxF

#5: Opportunities from 10 Years of Blogging

This artist started a blog at the recommendation of his publisher. 10 years, 2 more books, 200 YouTube videos, 10 DVDs later, he’s amazed at the opportunities blogging offered . . . http://bit.ly/2upWci3

Week of July 17, 2017

#1: 50 of the Best Social Media Resources from 2nd Quarter 2017

Our updated list of every new resource here at Socialmediaonlineclasses.com, both public and members-only. Get them all here . . . http://bit.ly/2tLdx4X

#2: Top 10 Celebrities Making the Most Money on Instagram

The Celebrity Instagram Rich List just debuted, and includes the top 10 celebrities making the most money being influencers on Instagram. You’ll be surprised who’s #1: http://bit.ly/2upJv7A

#3: Facebook Debuts Tagline for Your Timeline Cover

Did you notice your Facebook Timeline cover has a new feature? It’s a tagline at the bottom left of your timeline. See what it looks like and how you can customize it here . . . http://bit.ly/2upoaLF

#4: How to Motivate Contest Entrants to Tag Friends on Facebook

Running a contest on Facebook? Then don’t require people to tag someone to enter: that’s against Facebook’s rules. You can, however, encourage entrants to tag a friend using this technique . . . http://bit.ly/2up8Oqg

#5: [MEMBER QUESTION] Should I Use an Email Signature?

This SMOC member wants to know her peers’ thoughts on using an email signature. See their responses, and a resource Maria recommends here . . . http://bit.ly/2upfMM9

Week of July 10, 2017

[BONUS WEBINAR] Cybersecurity for Small Business

Hacks, malware, and ransomware are a fact of life for every business, large or small. It’s no longer a question of “if” you’ll be hacked, but “when.” Be prepared to protect your business, data & reputation . . . http://bit.ly/2sx8eTj

Week of July 03, 2017

#1: Amazon Prime for Business: The Ultimate Guide

Got an Amazon Prime membership? Then you’ve got 8 smart ways to put it to work in your business. Learn how here . . . http://bit.ly/2skEPuI

#2: How to Protect Your Business from Petya Ransomware

The Petya ransomware shut down the British National Health system, shipping giant Maersk, pharmaceutical brand Merck and many other big names. It’s a real threat, but you can protect your business by following these instructions . . . http://bit.ly/2t77pDk

#3: Feedback on SMOC Member’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

SMOC members get a blueprint for developing their UVP, and this Annual Member followed that step-by-step guide to craft a brief, yet highly-specific one. She asked for feedback on it and Maria offered one piece of advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2t72u5v

Week of June 26, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR EXCERPT] Landing Pages That Convert

Don’t know what a landing page is? No worries: I explain it and how to design them so they generate leads and sales on autopilot for your small business. Watch the webinar excerpt here . . . https://t.co/IzIsaCqu29

#2: [UPDATE] How to Add an Email Sign-Up Form to Facebook

Our Facebook 102 class has always offered a tutorial on how to do this, but HOW you do it changes constantly. We’ve updated this lesson with the latest step-by-step guide, plus reveal which email marketing providers actually use their own forms on their Facebook pages . . . http://bit.ly/1F6Z8KU

#3: How CEO’s Wish They Had Spent Time & Money When Starting

The Alternative Board (a coaching & advisory service for small business) surveyed CEO’s about how they would spend their time & money if they were starting their businesses over again. Maria shares the results, their infographic, and provides links to SMOC resources to accomplish these CEO’s most important priorities . . . http://bit.ly/2tb5VJ8

#4: Using Pinterest Analytics to Identify New Product Ideas

This SMOC member discovered her most popular Pinterest pin, and it wasn’t for her own product. Now she’s considering developing a new offering based on this pin’s popularity. Learn how to find out what your most successful Pinterest pin is here . . . http://bit.ly/2taIFLj

#5: How to Encourage Customers to Share on Social Media

This disruptive eyeglass company has transformed the way people order prescription glasses. Now they give you a great reason to share on social media . . . http://bit.ly/2tazfPW

Week of June 19, 2017

#1: We’re Offering Social Media Services for Members!

During the June bonus webinar, Maria announced the debut of our new social media services (for SMOC members only). We’ll fast-track your social goals, create everything for you, and provide ROI reporting. See the details here . . . http://bit.ly/1stmBDP

#2: [WEBINAR REPLAY] Create a Landing Page That Converts

Members learned what landing pages and marketing funnels are, how they can turn a visitor into a buyer, and the anatomy of successful landing pages. Get the webinar replay, slide deck, mp3 audio and infographic template here . . . http://bit.ly/2tiHSFo

#3: Feedback on Testimonial Video

This SMOC member created a video montage of testimonials from her clients and wanted feedback on it. The video showed her clients, talking to the camera, and the results they saw from her services. See the advice Maria & members offered here . . . http://bit.ly/2ruq5cU

#4: [UPDATED] The One-Click Blog Post

What if you could upload a photo to Instagram and it became a blog post on WordPress? It’s entirely possible, and I’ve updated the step-by-step tutorial showing you how to do it on the blog here . . . http://bit.ly/1Sv9Ruv

Week of June 12, 2017

#1: I Got Invited to a New Social Network: Should I Join?

This SMOC member was invited to join a new social network by an influencer she has wanted to connect with for a long time. Is it worth her time to invest in a niche social network, or connect a different way? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2srXAAv

#2: How to Automatically Create a Blog Post from an Instagram Image

Did you know it’s possible to automate your blog from Instagram? Even if you don’t write a long image caption? Learn how here . . . http://bit.ly/2srMLOR

#3: Is the Facebook Pixel Necessary for Advertisers?

This SMOC member is hearing a lot about the Facebook pixel, but wonders if it’s absolutely necessary if she wants to run ads. The answer? Maybe. Get the details here . . . http://bit.ly/2r915rI

#4: How to Master a New Skill

When it comes to learning a new skill, how long do you need to spend practicing and reviewing? A new study has surprising advice . . . http://bit.ly/2r93VNa

Week of June 05, 2017

#1: [NEW] How to Instantly Message Contacts from Anywhere on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s most exciting new feature is Messaging, allowing you to instantly communicate with any of your connections here. The best part? Do it from anywhere on the platform. Learn how in our LinkedIn 101 course here . . . http://bit.ly/2s7JQKU

#2: [UPDATED] Social Media Crash Course

When you absolutely, positively have to learn social media marketing in a hurry, rely on our Social Media Crash Course. In no time you’ll be developing a strategy, writing perfect social media posts, generating content and measuring your ROI. It’s free here . . . http://bit.ly/smmcrashcourse

#3: [WEBINAR] Member’s Choice for June

SMOC’s June bonus webinar is member’s choice: they put forward their biggest business challenges, vote on them, and the winner is what they’ll get solved in the webinar. Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2s7K0Sw

#4: Social Media Training Videos

We’ve curated our most popular & essential social media training videos covering a wide variety of topics here on our website: http://bit.ly/2qIgO0L They range in length from 4 to 45 minutes, featuring perfect posts, strategy, content marketing, automation & more.

#5: Including a CTA & Coupon Code Easily for a Facebook Live Video

Maria shared a solopreneur’s Facebook Live video that encourages viewers, in a subtle way, to purchase her products. It’s a refreshing change from the overly-aggressive “video sales letters.” See it here . . . http://bit.ly/2s7NN2j

Week of May 30, 2017

#1: Canva Hack to Find an Image You’ve Used Before

This SMOC member shared a useful “hack” for when you know you’ve used an image in Canva before but just can’t find it. Get the trick here , . . http://bit.ly/2rPdV23

#2: [SMOC COACHING] Use a Large Order for Marketing Purposes

This SMOC member received one of her largest orders ever, and Maria suggested she get as much marketing mileage out of it as possible, including email newsletters, videos, images and more. You can do the same here . . . http://bit.ly/2rOKhdi

#3: [SMOC COACHING] How to Announce Move to New Location?

This SMOC member’s local organic business moved to a brand new location, and she wants to announce it on social media. What’s the best way to do it? See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2riuGBL, Use a Large Order for Marketing Purposes

#4: Copywriting for Pinterest

This SMOC member wanted feedback on a title she is using for a Pinterest image. It’s a clever title, but it that enough? Find out here . . . http://bit.ly/2rOQENG

#5: Using SEO Keywords on Etsy & Pinterest

This SMOC member can write her product descriptions for Etsy and send them to Pinterest automatically, but how will that affect her SEO? See what she learned about Pinterest SEO here . . . http://bit.ly/2rPv63r

Week of May 22, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR REPLAY] 30 Days of Social Media Posts from One Image

Members-only webinar replay, mp3 audio, slide deck and two infographics to repurpose a plain image into 30 days of social media marketing. Best takeaways from the webinar? “This is so much easier than the way I’ve been doing it!” Members can get the webinar & resources here . . . http://bit.ly/2qFArZG

#2: SMOC Coaching: Can I Do Social Media without a Website?

In this SMOC member’s 1:1 coaching, she was concerned that without a website, she would be unable to do social media effectively. What does Maria advise? See her guidance here . . . http://bit.ly/2rs5KZ3

#3: SMOC Coaching: How to Handle a Business Breakup

In this SMOC member’s 1:1 coaching, she was upset after the breakup from her business partner and the complication of their website. Her ex-partner would not release the website and now found herself not being able to access it. What should she do? Maria shared her experience and advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2rs5KZ3

Week of May 15, 2017

#1: The Big List of Social Media Hacks

Bookmark this mega-list of 24 social media tactics organized by 10, 30, or 60 minutes, or even a full day. Each tactic links to a full tutorial on how to accomplish it: http://bit.ly/24smhacks (Bonus: this is an excellent to-do list for a summer intern.)

#2: Extended Cut: Big List of Social Media Hacks

Maria gave members an exclusive no-fail plan of how to tackle these tactics no matter how much time they have their schedules. Plus, she shared her favorites from each category . . . http://bit.ly/smhackssmoc

#3: Engage as Your Business in Facebook Groups

Facebook is quietly rolling out a new feature allowing you to use a group from your business page. Instead of posting and commenting using your personal profile, you’ll be able to use your business page identity . . . http://bit.ly/2pLSryI

#4: This Marketing Campaign Has Lived on for 5 Years

When this author & quilter created her quilt-a-long project, it was a huge hit. But nothing lasts forever, and these marketing projects lose popularity over time. Except this one has continued to gain momentum. Why? Learn what she did differently here . . . http://bit.ly/2pLWLOu

#5: How to View a LinkedIn Profile without the Person Getting Notification

This SMOC member had a question: can you view someone’s LinkedIn profile without them knowing it? Officially, the answer is no. But, Maria created a video tutorial showing how you can view a LinkedIn profile in “stealth” mode . . . http://bit.ly/2pLVkzr

Week of May 08, 2017

#1: Free Ways to Generate Business with Facebook

Want to strengthen your Facebook business page to turn it into a 24/7 marketing tool? We’ve updated our 10 Commandments of Facebook marketing to include how to add a call-to-action button to your Timeline cover, ensure fans see your posts first in the newsfeed, and much more. Get all the tactics in Lesson 1 of Facebook 102 here . . . http://bit.ly/1F6Z8KU

#2: [BONUS WEBINAR] 30 Days of Social Media Posts from One Image

You don’t need more content; instead, you need to treat it like a business asset and squeeze every drop of value from it. In this month’s webinar, you’ll learn how to do just that, with the simplest of content: a single image. Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2pELxOl

#3: Can I Market My Brand Using Social Media if I Don’t Have a Website?

No website? No problem! You can still use social media to market your business. Learn from this entrepreneur who does just that (and does it beautifully)! See how she does it here . . . http://bit.ly/2pW7CWU

#4: That’s a Great Tweet from U.S. Dept. of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

An Interior staffer shared an excellent tweet during Zinke’s interview with CBS News about dog-friendly office days at the U.S. Dept. of the Interior. The tweet includes a photo, hashtags and tags, ensuring notification of everyone mentioned. See it here . . . http://bit.ly/2pUIKAV

#5: [MEMBER QUESTION] Hide my Pinterest Profile from Google?

This SMOC member is reviewing her Pinterest profile and wants to know if she should enable the ability to hide it from major search engines like Google. See Maria’s advice here . . . http://bit.ly/2pWyhD6

Week of May 01, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR EXCERPT] How to Get More Facebook Fans

Want to see what SMOC members learned about how to skyrocket your Facebook fans? Our monthly bonus webinar is for members-only, but you can see an excerpt of the webinar here . . . http://bit.ly/2pu8BQc

#2: #FascinateFriday Video: How Starbucks Created a Product Specifically to Go Viral on Instagram

In a members-only video, Maria shared the product Starbucks engineered to go viral on Instagram, along with big changes to the SMOC curriculum and article library, making it even faster and easier for members to find exactly what they need . . . when they need it. Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2pMvgb2

#3: LinkedIn Changes Overview for 2017

LinkedIn wants you to visit their platform more often and stay inside longer, so they’ve made significant changes to the features you love most. Find out what those changes are and how they affect you in our LinkedIn 101 class. Each lesson offers the most recent updates, along with an overview of what’s new in Lesson 1 . . . http://bit.ly/2fEOpV6

#4: SMOC Members Wall of Fame

SMOC members reached their goals this month, and Maria shared their accomplishments and a big congratulations in our Facebook group. Here’s just a few of their results: LF attended her first bonus webinar (a big step for a professed “non-computer” person); LR another did a Facebook Live broadcast from her booth at a conference and starting using tags in her social media posts; RF got huge organic reach on a Facebook post about their business moving to a new location; BS is posting “in-process” photos on Instagram of the work on their organic farm; SP is working with a jewelry designer to get her noticed by big brands; MS started using a new tool to discover the most popular keywords on Etsy; and MK earned more space in her Amazon listing for even more photos of her beautiful jewelry designs. See the details here , . . http://bit.ly/2pME7tu

Week of April 24, 2017

#1: How She Created a Viral Facebook Post Earning 3 Million Organic Views [CASE STUDY]

Just when you thought viral Facebook posts had gone the way of Big Foot comes this new case study of a single post getting a massive 3 million views. Even more impressive? The brand doesn’t have photos of their finished products. This is one case study you don’t want to miss . . . http://bit.ly/2pu8BQc

#2: [WEBINAR REPLAY] How to Get More Facebook Fans

Members-only webinar replay, mp3 audio, slide deck and infographic to discover how to get more Facebook fans. Best takeaways from the webinar? “How to invite people to Like my page and how to target my posts.” Members can get the webinar & resources here . . .http://bit.ly/2pVv3Ck

#3: Member Win: Tagging a Facebook Page

This SMOC member shared in our private mastermind group that she successfully tagged a business page on Facebook for the first time. You never know where those small steps will take you . . . http://bit.ly/2pTV1Tz

#4: Member Question: How Can I Change from Editor to Admin for a Facebook Page?

This SMOC member is currently an Editor for a business Facebook page and has been invited to be an Admin by the page owner. But she’s received no notification and the page says “Invitation pending.” What to do? See Maria’s response here . . . http://bit.ly/2pTMZKn

Week of April 17, 2017

#1: [UPDATE] How to Create & Execute Your Social Media Action Plan

Once you’ve developed a social media strategy, how do you make it happen? We’ve updated this classic blog post that showcases a case study of a social media action plan for an author, including the spreadsheet we used as well as the plan we developed and divided into monthly, weekly and daily actions. See it here . . . http://bit.ly/1IJfjk7

#2: LinkedIn Changes for 2017

LinkedIn has made significant changes this year, moving many of its popular features to their premium plan and removing other features altogether. Our LinkedIn class has all the latest updates here . . . http://bit.ly/2fEOpV6

#3: How Fans Can See Your Posts First in their Newsfeed

Facebook allows your fans to give your posts priority in their newsfeed, so they see them first. But most fans don’t even know this feature exists. Here’s how to show them . . . http://bit.ly/2oh1kzi

#4: Where Did Facebook Move the Search Feature for Groups?

I totally panicked: I needed to locate a great post an SMOC member shared and needed to search for it in our members-only group, but where was the Search field? Facebook moved it! After a few frantic minutes, I finally found it here . . . http://bit.ly/2oEwF1F

#5: [COACHING] Google Analytics Code & Duplicate Instagram Accounts

Sometimes, life (and social media) is a lot of maintenance. Would you like help with that? Our SMOC members got help from Maria in their 1:1 coaching sessions this week: one member didn’t know if she had Google Analytics tracking code installed on her website (this is BIG because if you have it installed twice, it skews your analytics). Maria was able to diagnose that she didn’t have it installed and showed her how to do it correctly. Another member had five duplicate Instagram accounts and was confused as to which one she was logged into. So they spent time together removing the duplicates, resetting the password on the primary account, and ensuring she could post using it. See more here . . . http://bit.ly/2oELPnF

Week of April 10, 2017

#1: Live Social Media Strategy Workshop

Maria broadcasted from Facebook Live while she conducted her Social Media Strategy workshop for the Quilt Professional’s Network in Lancaster, PA. Check out this rare opportunity to see a live workshop with Maria here . . . http://bit.ly/2nvvt1z

#2: [BONUS WEBINAR] Get More Facebook Fans

“My boss wants more Facebook fans!” We hear this often at SMOC, and whether it’s your boss or you who wants more fans, you’ll learn the quickest, most effective way to get targeted fans (most likely to buy from you) in this webinar . . . http://bit.ly/2nOU7Gv

#3: 50 of the Best Social Media Training Resources from Q1 2017

Wow! Bookmark this mega-list of social media webinars, infographics, blog posts and tutorials for what works now in social media marketing. Great for training new hires or staying up-to-date yourself . . . http://bit.ly/2ncFoUL

#4: SMOC Member Broadcasts Her First Facebook Live Video

Congratulations to Lisa Reber, owner of Dippy Dyes, a hand-dyed fabric boutique for fiber artists, who did her first Facebook Live video from her booth at the Machine Quilter’s Expo. You can see her video here on her Facebook page, as well as below . . . http://bit.ly/2nvwaYZ

#5: Maria Creates a Social Media Training Post During 1:1 Coaching

This SMOC member is brand new to online marketing (starting from zero). Maria did a 1:1 coaching session with her, demonstrating how to do a Facebook post embeding a television interview she did, tagged the TV program and the host, as well as branding the post with a hashtag. See it here . . . http://bit.ly/2nvpE49

Week of March 27, 2017

#1: How to Beat Social Media Overwhelm

Our Learning Tracks help SMOC members to beat overwhelm when they join. How? By giving them a one-stop guide to a particular topic. Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2o7CCSu

#2: Class Updates: Facebook 101, LinkedIn 101, Instagram 101

Social media is constantly changing, so we’re always updating our classes to keep pace. You can be assured your lessons teach you what works now . . . not six months ago. See the latest course outlines here . . . http://bit.ly/2n6J36y

#3: Congrats to SMOC Member on Her Blog Post

SMOC member Robin F. wrote an excellent blog post on the bees in California and how she is experiencing them this spring. Bravo to Robin for her commitment to blogging and doing such an outstanding job. See her blog post here . . . http://bit.ly/2n6MM41

#4: Facebook Live Wrap-Up of Member Coaching

Maria did a Facebook Live video this week in our members-only group, discussing the results SMOC members got this week with their 1:1 coaching sessions. Watch the video here . . . https://www.facebook.com/groups/1602777296619155/permalink/1950502435179971/

#5: Best Way of Doing a Survey on Facebook

Now that polls are no longer an option on Facebook personal profiles or business pages (only in groups), what’s the best way to conduct a survey there? See Maria’s answer here . . . http://bit.ly/2n6Sz9O

Week of March 20, 2017

#1: [WEBINAR REPLAY] Reach Your Target Audience

Members learned how to get the attention of their target audience in a crowded social landscape, using both free and paid methods, plus got a blueprint for exactly how to do it. Watch the replay here . . . http://bit.ly/2mGM2Cv

#2: How to Add a Button to Your Facebook Page

Yes, you can add a call-to-action button to your Facebook page. WIthout an app or being a graphic designer. Find out how in our Facebook 101 class, Lesson 8 here . . . http://bit.ly/fb101onlineclass

#3: Instagram Now Allows Adding Multiple Images to a Post

Finally! You can add multiple images to a single Instagram post, creating a “slideshow” experience. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it . . . http://bit.ly/2npJUUj

#4: Live Stream Road Trip: U.S. Representatives Live Stream Their Trip to D.C.

Two congressmen from Texas live streamed their entire road trip to D.C. when a blizzard grounded flights. They answered viewer questions, ate doughnuts to celebrate high viewer counts, and played AC/DC as their soundtrack. See their road trip video here . . . http://bit.ly/2npJUDB

#5: What Was Your Top Social Media Post of the Week?

Maria shared SMOC’s top social media post of the week from both Facebook & Twitter, along with a link to the lesson on how to discover yours. See it here . . . http://bit.ly/2npWnqZ

Week of March 13, 2017

#1: SEO Bootcamp in SMOC Engage

For 30 days our members are getting one small task they can do to increase their ranking online. This week included changing your social media profiles so they drive traffic to your website. Find out how here . . . http://bit.ly/smocfbgroup

Week of March 06, 2017

#1: Facebook Marketing Infographic for 2017

We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary of our most popular infographic (it’s been used by Disney, PayPal and more). Make sure you’re staying up-to-date with the latest Facebook tactics here . . . http://bit.ly/1SNqInA

#2: [BONUS WEBINAR] Reach Your Target Audience

The web is an increasingly crowded place: Facebook alone has 1.5 billion users. how can you ensure your marketing gets in front of the people most likely to buy? That’s what you’ll learn in this free members-only webinar . . . http://bit.ly/2lmoBT6

#3: SEO Bootcamp in SMOC Engage

For 30 days our members are getting one small task they can do to increase their ranking online. This week was about making “tweaks” to your social profiles so they work for you 24/7 . . . http://bit.ly/smocfbgroup

#4: How to Feature Important Facebook Comments

Did you know you can “pin” a comment to the top of your post’s comment section? It’s great for testimonials and important questions. Learn how in our updated Facebook 101 class here . . . http://bit.ly/1SNqInA

#5: How to Reach YouTube Subscribers in their Inbox

While YouTube won’t provide your subscribers’ email addresses, there is a way you can reach them in their email Inbox. We’ve updated our YouTube 101 class to show you this savvy tactic. Learn more here . . . http://bit.ly/2mOG5Vs

Week of February 27, 2017


WATCH: how you can improve your brand’s ranking for any website, Amazon listing, Etsy store (in only 30 days) . . . http://bit.ly/2l3y6Cq

#2: [COACHING] How Do I Target my Audience on Instagram?

In her 1:1 coaching session with Maria, this SMOC member wanted to know how she ensure her target audience sees her post on Instagram. Maria did a screen share and demonstrated how to find those people on Instagram and target them with this simple tactic . . . http://bit.ly/2mA4vkI

#3: Instagram Contest Case Study

Wow! This Instagram contest got over 1,400 comments and 1,200 Likes. From a small mom & pop business. See what they did right (and you can too!) . . . http://bit.ly/2mA3qJx

#4: SEO Bootcamp in SMOC Engage

Every day in February our members are getting one small task they can do to increase their ranking online. Members learned how to links back to their site two ways (the easy way and the more challenging one) . . . http://bit.ly/smocfbgroup

#5: Social Media Client Meetings

This SMOC member is a social media manager and is meeting with a new client: what questions should she ask? Should she wait for the client to grow their personal Facebook profile before creating a business page? See Maria’s answers here . . . http://bit.ly/2lZfXtx

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