This is the worst advice on Social Media Marketing


If you follow a bunch of Social media Managers on Instagram, I bet you have heard them say this more than once. “Be everywhere.” “Diversify your Social Media Strategy.” It doesn’t matter if you start resembling our primates, but still do it!

Don’t see your family at all or have any downtime but you must tweet 6 times a day, post on Instagram 3 times a day, do a facebook live, record a video on YouTube and of course don’t forget to pin your Grandma’s double chocolate brownie recipe.

Here’s why Iam calling it the worst advice of the century.

Trying to be on all Social Media platforms at one time is setting yourself up for major overwhelm.

Can you imagine your life doing the things I described above in addition to doing discovery calls, writing blogs and newsletters, pitching to media, trying to finish the course you spent a fortune on and doing the actual work your clients hired you for?

Unless your hobby includes driving yourself to the nearest mental asylum and checking in there for months. Don’t try this at home! Or at the coffee shop you work out of.

Solopreneurs do not have the luxury of time and resources especially early on in their business. They are also the ones who rely the most on Social Media Marketing because its free and they don’t have huge ad budgets.

Guess what else we cannot afford early on in our business? A team of highly talented individual(s) that can take your eggs to all the social media baskets, tweeting along the way.

Unless you can afford to hire a Social Media Manager, putting your business eggs everywhere is a terrible idea.

But that’s just not it.

Heard of Jack of all, master of none?

Every social media platform is different with different features and nuances. What works on Twitter does not work on Instagram. What works on Snapchat….does anything work on Snapchat? This is a huge mistake most solopreneurs don’t even realize they are making.

They apply one size fits all strategy to all Social Media platforms and wait for the best results. This is not good business sense and leads to a lot of frustration and overwhelm.

So what should you do? Wait, before I tell you let’s come back to the eggs example for one minute. I know a lot of Social Media Managers hand out this advice like street fair vendors hand out pens that never work.

Think about this for a second. Don’t most birds put all their eggs in one basket(nests)? I mean I see Robins, Blue Jay, Cardinals among other birds nesting in my backyard and they all lay their eggs in one nest.

Imagine if a robin laid its beautiful blue eggs in 5 different nests and then spent 2-4 hrs each day incubating each egg in a different nest. Can you imagine what will happen to the poor bird? But Robin is smart, and she does what most birds do? She makes one nest, lay her eggs and then she sits on them! She protects the shit out of those eggs!

So what should your Social Media Strategy be when you are starting out?

1) Get crystal clear on who are you trying to attract and what your goals are. If your product serves teenagers, then Snapchat is an excellent platform for you. If its Baby Boomers you want to attract, then Facebook is right for you and your business. Get to know where your audience hangs out the most and choose that Social Media platform.

2) Learn everything you can about that platform. Google the shit out of it, watch videos and tutorials. Take a course or work with an expert. Hone down on your Social Media Strategy and start dating the platform. Show up on time for your dates with it, do your best and have a steamy love affair with it!

3) Once you become a ninja at one Social Media platform, then and only then you should start spreading your eggs. And if you do, then repeat Step 1 and 2 for each Social Media Platform.

Now you.

What other unattainable, impossible and really bad advice have you heard about Social Media Marketing? Tell me in comments and let’s turn it onto its head together!

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