These are the Year’s Top 10 Voices in Social Media & Marketing According to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is continuously stepping up the ladder, with more and more professionals signing up for an account in a rate of two new members in a second, thus making LinkedIn a unicorn success in the social media niche.

Last week, LinkedIn revealed their 3rd annual Top Voices list, uncovering the most influential writers and content creators around the world. They are the ones with the most engagement in 2017, have been featured several times in editorial channels, and have the most impressive follower growth tied to their publishing activity.

So who are the most influential unicorns and thought leaders in Social Media and Marketing?

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn Voices in social media and marketing for 2017:

1. Tom Goodwin – EVP and Head of Innovation at Zenith

Goodwin voices out what changes the world and advocates for a simple and easy-to-use technology design. He considers himself lucky to “have a platform to be an enabler of debates about the future,” the future which includes the future of marketing and advertising in the era of technology-driven society.

Spencer considers himself a content machine. Having more than 750 articles on LinkedIn that cover the in mixture of retail and technology is what makes him the content machine. His articles provide reviews and commentary of the latest innovating development and products that disrupt veterans in the industry.

Hyder’s voice is about technology, marketing, and connected consumer. Her goal is to serve as a guide for leaders and brands in the chaos of technological advancement.

Her services include sharing guides and tips about how you can connect to consumers in a progressively polarizing political climate and coming up with an answer questions regarding social media marketing.

Williams voices out his insights on the future of content in the era of digital age. He discusses how most companies use the digital age for growth and success and how others are missing the entire point. “I’m an enthusiast for innovative brands who use authentic content and marketing to build an audience,” he said.

Lindstrom is not just a brand-building expert; he is also a best-selling author who focuses on the excellence in developing brands and dissecting PR dilemmas. “the deep psychology of our irrational behavior and the effect this has on communication, product innovation, brands and company cultures,” Lindstrom said.

His last book titled ‘Small Data’ was written entirely while he was in a pool.

Shotton says “If you want to influence people, then it’s the best place to start.” He voices out how social psychological findings brought about by false consensus effect to the expectancy theory can be used in advertising.

“It’s then just a case of spending a bit of time thinking how to apply those findings to marketing,” he added.

Julian is also a student at the University of California, Berkeley and discusses the latest marketing methods and strategies used by huge brands, and how those strategies can also be used by small businesses.

“My emphasis comes from working with small, family owned businesses that are looking to jump into creative or digital marketing but don’t know where or how to start,” Gamboa-Ramos says.

Martell focuses on the problems and concerns in marketing like attention, persuasion, and trust. “In addition, I seek to share helpful lessons for start-up entrepreneurs and founders, and call out BS when I see it on issues like faux feminism and the marketing hype cycle,” Martell emphasized.

Nguyen has created her own show called “The String Report,” which features videos about B2B content, with B2B feels. String talks about technology and marketing future with professionals like Mike Pritchett who is the CEO of Shootsa and Gary Vee.

Chien writes pieces about company culture and customer service. “I also do a lot of video interviews, that I couple with the posts, to offer a more compelling, engaging storyline,” Chien says.

Dyslexia didn’t stop Chien from writing informative articles, “Since I have dyslexia, writing a piece can be really challenging with a lot of hurdles…having, calm, soothing music can help me overcome those hurdles,” she added.

Who else do you think should make it to the list?

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