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Amanda Christensen is the author of this blog post. She is an Extension Assistant Professor in Morgan County for Utah State University and an incredible person (I know first hand because I have the privilege of working with her). Amanda delivers Family & Consumer Science Extension programs via the YouTube channel she just launched: Subscribe Here. You can also catch Amanda on Studio 5 KSL where she discusses personal finance with Brooke Walker for a statewide television audience. She is a creative innovator and you should follow her on Twitter at @FamFinPro.

If you’re reading this post you probably understand the importance of social media in advertising Extension programs and have probably found yourself asking questions like, “Which social media platforms are best?”, “Do I have to use all social media platforms?”, “How can I get the best return for the time I spend on social media?”, “How often should I post content?”, “When should I post content?”, and/or “Where do I start?”.

The SMMM is a tool for marketing Extension programs and events while guiding interactions with Extension audiences to build relationships through social media. Relationships? What? Is that the point of social media? Yes indeed! And relationships require communication so reach out, reply, comment, retweet, share and ask questions. Engage your audiences.

The Social Media Marketing Map (SMMM) provides guidance, helping busy Extension professionals design and implement a social media strategy to help engage audiences and connect them to online or face-to-face Extension events. It is a simple chart with rows and columns. The row across the top lists various social and traditional media platforms; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Blog, and Newspaper. The first column down the left side of the map is a timeline of dates; 5-3 weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before, week of, day before, during, day after, and after series is complete. Beginning your SMMM strategy 5-3 weeks before the event is critical to success. Impact takes long term planning and marketing Extension events using the SMMM is less effective at the last minute. This structure provides a clear picture of where and when to post in order to maximize program outreach efforts and build relationships through social media.

Download the SMMM and get started today!

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