The 9 Types of Infographics [TIPS AND EXAMPLES]

What are the 9 types of infographics and when should you use them? In this episode of Infographics 101 you’ll learn the 9 basic types of infographic, with lots of actionable tips and examples.

If you want a more in-depth guide with a ton of helpful examples, check out the blog post for this video: http://bit.ly/2Wa29ei

Find all of the infographic templates in this video and more on our templates page: http://bit.ly/2W90sxG

Here’s a quick overview of what the video covers:

You’re already interested in creating awesome infographics. But there’s SO MANY different types of infographics that you can create. So how do you know what type of infographic will work best for your data?

At Venngage, we categorize infographics into 9 basic types:

Statistical infographics
Informational infographics
Timeline infographics
Process infographics
Geographic infographics
Comparison infographics
Hierarchical infographics
List infographics
Resume infographics

In this video, our blog editor Sara explains which type of infographic works best for the type of data or content you want to visualize. She also offers examples of when you would want to create an infographic, and how you would visualize certain types of information.

Throughout, there are some quick infographic design tips that you can easily apply to any infographic.

Make sure you watch until the end, because we also tell you where you can get your hands on a TON of infographic templates, including all of the ones we’ve shown in this video.

In a nutshell, this is your pocket guide to picking the best type of infographic for your data!

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The 9 Types of Infographics [TIPS AND EXAMPLES]

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