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We have seen the power and usefulness of social media skyrocket as recommendations, updates, and information regarding how to manage to spread of COVID-19 has been changing by what seems like the minute.

Small businesses around the globe have harnessed the strength and influence that social media has given them during this time, and the results have been incredible.

Not only are small businesses like dental practices reaching more people than ever before, but they are also becoming authority figures in their local areas as they keep their communities knit together with engaging, informative content.

There are dozens of ways to optimize dental social media content for engagement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your content has to be worth your patients’ time.

Create content that connects with patients and fans on a personal level, naturally leading to more shares, likes, follows, and eventually dental new patients.

Here are the three types of posts your practice MUST have to take advantage of the potential and power of dental social media marketing through COVID.

1. Fun Content

Although it may not look like it on the surface, fun content does do a lot to help the growth of your practice by building report and trust with your patients online. We’ve seen hundreds of dental practices use fun content to attain a big following. Too often dentists get too wrapped up in the logistics that they forget to ask themselves one important question: “Are my social media posts something that anyone would be delighted to see pop up on their social media feed?

Examples of fun content

Giveaways – Host and share a giveaway to get attention and also show your patients and fans that you appreciate them

Charitable Efforts – Share photos of charitable efforts that your practice is involved with.

Just for Fun – Share photos of patients in the office, team members goofing off, or a group photo just to say hello!

2. Educational Content

Use your social media platforms as a place to educate and inspire your patients and fans to take good care of their teeth and oral health. Oral health is a big part of overall great health, keep your patients safe and informed by offering expert tips.

Examples of educational content

How-To Video – Take a short video reminding patients and fans how to floss properly, how to clean their retainers, etc. Explain how to look for signs of oral health problems and concerns. Use your expertise to suggest and encourage your social media followers to keep their mouths healthy.

Product Education – Choose a service or product that you use or have in the office. Explain to your followers why an electric toothbrush, WaterPik, or night guard is important to their oral health. Encourage them to come into the office to check out the products you suggest or offer local shipping!

Service Education – Describe what service you offer in your practice Explain to your patients how you treat cavities, root canals, what types of fillings you give etc. Expound on the services you offer — make sure to include whitening too!

3. Safety Content

Your social pages are the ideal place to illustrate to your followers that you take the safety of your patients very seriously. Use safety content to reassure and comfort your patients and potential patients.

Examples of safety content

New Practice Procedures – Record a short video or create and share a couple of posts that outline exactly how your practice is seeing patients during COVID. Does every patient need to wear a mask? Are patients waiting in their cars or the parking lot instead of in the lobby? Did how you receive payment change? Give your patients all of the details about their new experience at your practice.

Dental Practice Cleanliness Content – Share photos or videos of what your team is doing to keep the practice exceptionally clean and sanitary. Build trust and by showing your patients the measures you are taking to guarantee the practice is sanitary before and after every patient. Explain what kind of products you use to kill bacteria and assure patients that they are in good hands at your practice.

How to Stay Clean at Home – Give tips on how to keep your toothbrushes safe from bacteria and when to change out your toothbrush. Encourage patients to use toothpicks and floss rather than their hands to get food out of their teeth. Explain how keeping your mouth healthy and clean assists in overall great health.

Remember, the best content for dentists meets people’s needs, connects with them on a personal level, and is interesting. When patients come across your content, the goal is to get them to engage with you. Fun and educational content are what causes positive top-of-mind awareness.

When you’re on your patient’s mind, they are more likely to introduce your practice to family and friends.

The importance of social media for dentists and orthodontists cannot be emphasized enough. Set aside some time to make a social media plan using the post suggests mentioned. There is no better chance to showcase leadership, establish new relationships, and provide support to your patients.

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