The 3 Most Effective Ways to Supercharge Your 2020 Social Media Marketing Strategy With SEO – Social Media Explorer

by Adam Torkildson

There’s no denying that the world of online marketing changes fast. How can you keep up to date and continue using it as a way to generate new customers?  Social media platforms see varying levels of engagement, different types of visitors, and host various sorts of content. How can you use default online consumption behavior to your company’s advantage?  In this article we’ll discuss how to leverage the interplay between social media channels and your website to create a highly profitable upward spiral.

Understanding Differences between Social Media and SEO

Before we get started, it’s helpful to understand some differences between social media sites and your company website.  Your company website is an online property that you control and have full editorial access to. People generally visit it to be informed about a specific topic or to order products or services.. With organic traffic, people arrive at your site by searching for a solution to their problem or answer to their question. According to Next Door SEO in Charlotte, people who come to your site through organic search results are frequently your best prospects.

Social media pages and brand identities are other people’s sandboxes where businesses are invited to play- by their rules.  What social media has in its favor is that it’s a mashedup marketplace of ideas, images, entertainment, whatever the end user wants to look at.  And every user has different goals at different times. Social media users are looking for things popular, new and interesting, often as a distraction from other responsibilities.

If approached without a comprehensive strategy, social media can waste a lot of time and energy which is were a lot of businesses get confused about what to do with it. The big platforms are limiting organic business exposure more and more in order to drive more ad revenue.   If you want to supercharge your social media efforts, you want to figure out how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your website AND how to keep your business top of mind on social media with visitors who found your website via search (people seeking your solution specifically).

Grow Your Email List with Quality Search Optimized Content

If you’re not building an email list, you should be.  Why? Once you initially capture the information, traffic to your site from email is generally the most profitable, and essentially free, source of traffic. It’s also a traffic source that you have the most control over. 

Here’s how it works: Publish quality content to your site which will be found by people using search engines looking for answers to their questions, and get more visitors to your website.  Offer those visitors something relevant and helpful to further solve their problem, via a free email download. Once they’re on your list, your ideal customer who came to your site one time via Google or Bing, is now reminded of and directed to your site at will whenever you send an email.  

Once people have hit your site, you can encourage them to engage with you on social media and you have a few new options to follow up with them through social media channels.

Get Website Visitor Engagement With Chatbots

Chatbots have been gaining popularity for years and soon, businesses who aren’t using them will be considered behind the times, if not disqualified from the quality customer service race.  Get facebook chatbots working on your site to better serve potential and existing customers, as well as build a list of prospects who you can deliver valuable information and special offers to.  Depending on the platform, chatbots have different sending and broadcast rules than email. However, the high level of customized and engaging conversation, along with the real time element of it serves to build your relationship with the person in a powerful, systematic way.

Retargeting Ads Recapture High Value SEO Visitors from Social Media Platforms

Using social media platforms for retargeting advertising is immensely powerful.  If someone has interacted with your brand on your actual website because they viewed your company or found an article via search engines, and you have the proper pixel installed, you can advertise specifically to these people who are already familiar with your company at some level.  Retargeting messages can be as specific or general as you desire. The ROI on retargeting ads higher than other ads in general. If you aren’t doing retargeting ads now, you’re leaving money on the table and potential customers unserved.

A Comprehensive Strategy to Supercharge Your SEO and Social Media Efforts

In today’s world, there are thousands of distractions pulling for your customers’ attention on a daily basis.  Utilizing these tactics will create an ecosystem for your brand where you can be omnipresent and standout from all the rest to serve more customers and build more profitability.

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