Survival Tips That Will One Day Save Your Life

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Use these tips and tricks that can one day save your life. Most of these are DIY crafts and are amazing to learn and do yourself when needed! No, none of them use slime, these are actual tips and tricks that will teach and help you! These are just some ideas to use as your survival tactics.

How to light a fire 0:58
What you’ll need to do is carve out a big chunk of the ice, shape it into a disk, and use the warmth of your hands to melt it into a smooth, round lens, like a magnifying glass. Let the light shine through it and you’ll have a concentrated beam with enough heat to start a fire.

Learn how to do CPR 2:40
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR, is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions with mouth to mouth, in an effort to keep a person alive, while waiting for paramedics. Taking a CPR course every couple of years to keep up to date, will ensure you can kick start someone’s heart when the occasion calls for it. This tip may mean you save another person’s life.

What to do if a sneak bites you 3:50
If you are bitten, get away from the snake immediately and then limit your movement as this prevents blood flow and the spread of venom. This will give you more survival time. And remember as much as you can about the snake so the hospital can administer the correct anti-venom.

What to do if there is a tornado 4:52
If you’re caught outside in a tornado, your safest bet is to stay in your car, park it in an open area, lock all the windows and doors, buckle your seat belt, and ride out the storm. If you’re at home, head to the basement and cover yourself with a mattress or sleeping bag. Make sure you know where heavy objects rest on the floor above, such as pianos, ovens and refrigerators, so you can avoid them if they crash through. And head protection, such as a helmet, can also boost your chances of survival.

-In case of emergency you can use many household products
-Clean water using a drop or two of bleach but be safe about it
-Tie together items of clothing and use it as a rope if you have to if there is a fire
-Learn how to perform CPR and take a lesson every few years
-If you are caught in a rip tide don’t panic. Conserve your energy and stay a float.
-If you are bitten by a sneak, get away from it right away and take pictures of it or memorized details about it so you can tell the doctor.
-If the electricity goes out, you can use crayons as candles.
-Never drive when you are tired. If you are tired stop the car on the side of the road and take a break.
-In case of a tornado get in to the basement and cover yourself with a mattress.
-In case of an avalanche try to swim on top of it or create a small gap with your hands by your mouth.
-Never text and drive

#15 Disinfecting water 0:32
#14. How to light a fire 0:58
#13 Fill up your bathtub with water 1:42
#12 how to survive a fire 1:42
#11 Using things you have at home 2:06
#10 Aspirin after heart attack 2:24
#9 How to perform CPR 2:40
#8 When to swim out of a sinking car 3:01
#7 Caught in a rip tide 3:25
#6 What to do when a sneak bites 3:50
#5 Use crayons as candles 4:09
#4 Don’t drive when tired 4:30
#3 What to do in a tornado 4:52
#2 What to do in an avalanche 5:15
#1 Don’t text and drive 5:41

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Survival Tips That Will One Day Save Your Life

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