Summer Sale Social Media Marketing Ideas for eCommerce



During the month of June, online retailers of all sizes must plan for the upcoming season: SUMMER.

Whether you’re thinking about launching a sale, hosting a giveaway, publishing some valuable blog content or simply sharing a fun summer video, whatever you decide, you’ll need to plan ahead.

When you should start planning for a summer sale? I always recommend you plan 2 months ahead (that’s a minimum).  During this time, you’ll be able to plan things properly such as creative design, email templates, merchandising and so much more.

Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about creating a summer video or you have set aside a big digital marketing budget for this campaign, you’ll need more than 2 months of planning.  Find what works best for you and start early.

In this article, I’ve gathered some tips to help you plan some of your email marketing campaigns for summer.

Where Should You Announce Your Summer Sale

Before anything else, make sure to create a dedicated landing page in your online store for your upcoming Summer Sale.

Raise awareness of your summer sale by announcing it across all popular digital marketing channels:

  • Email Marketing (announce the sale by blasting an email to your list)
  • Affiliates (they can boost awareness within their audience)
  • Display Ads (create banners retargeting your customers as well as new shoppers)
  • Create Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Paid search campaigns (launch ads on Google Adwords / Bing Ads)

Don’t be limited to these channels.  Be creative and ensure your sale is visible across all websites where your customers hang out most.

What Type of Summer Sale Should You Have

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to give a discount during your summer sale.  You can offer free shipping or a gift with purchase.

Here are some ideas on what you can offer during your summer sale:

  1. Sitewide Discount ($ or %)
  2. Free Shipping on all orders (no minimum order amount)
  3. Product Specific Discount ($ or %)

Names (Slogans) for a Summer Sale

Here are 3 name examples for your summer sale:

  1. The Summer Sale
  2. One Hot Summer Sale
  3. Summer Clearance

Creative Headlines for a Summer Sale

Grab everyone’s attention using these 3 headlines:

  1. The Summer Ready Bundle
  2. Everything You Need for Summer
  3. Create Summer in Style

Summer Season Email Subject Lines

Here are 5 subject lines perfectly crafted for your summer sale:

  1. Make a Splash with Summer Fun for the Whole Family
  2. The Countdown to Summer is Here! Take Up to 70% Off
  3. ☀️ Summer Sale… Up to 50% off sitewide!
  4. The summer sale starts now!
  5. SALE! Summer Styles Starting at $39
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