Study #1 Infographics – Animated Circle Percentage

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Study #1 – Animated Circle Percentage Tutorial with Codes

Welcome to this new series of studies around After Effects, a bit of Javascript (not too much I ensure you) and infographics, to build our independence over templates business! We’ll have a look at how we can connect simple movements to % values and how you can build after your own setup of infographics.

Here’s the code used for connecting the Text Source to our Slide control:

beginCount =thisComp.layer(“Counter”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”);
stopCount = thisComp.layer(“Counter”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”);
beginTime = 0; // start counting at time = 0
countDur = 5; // count for 5 seconds
Math.round(linear(time,beginTime,beginTime + countDur,beginCount,stopCount)) + “%”

It wasn’t made for this purpose but it is adapted for our conter!

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Study #1 Infographics - Animated Circle Percentage

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