Social Video Marketing: Video Marketing Tips, Trends & Strategies

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. It has more than billion users consuming more than 500 million hours of video every day. Seventy-two hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. For this reason, marketers are considering YouTube as the importance of the marketing strategies, and its importance is continuing to grow through Social Video Marketing 2019.

From a video collection zone, YouTube and Facebook became the most powerful marketing platform, helping the brand to expand the reach. Not only is that marketers are also able to interact with the subscribers in several ways. Here are the some stratagies, Trends amd marketing tips for Social Video Marketing 2019.

Social Video Marketing 2019

Importance of YouTube for Marketing

YouTube provides the best opportunity for businesses to upload their videos, presentations, client testimonials. Visitors see the videos, comment and share it. For the marketing strategy to be successful, multiple videos need to upload. There is the high potential for the video to go viral on YouTube and lot of viewers can be getting from potential customers.

Social Video Marketing 2019 Tips

YouTube is very popular, and the content uploaded to YouTube appears in the top site Google search results. YouTube offers a great SEO opportunity for visibility. In the last few years, Facebook and YouTube video advertising is getting popular and is opening up several opportunities for marketers. Facebook and YouTube marketing helps them to build brand awareness. To improve video marketing here are some tips that can follow.

  • First and foremost, figure out how your brand or business is going to fit in YouTube ecosystem. Have a bright idea of what you want to do and how you are going to do it.
  • Find the niche. Create multiple channels so that video content on different topics can create for a diverse target audience.
  • Having the tools to analyse the performance of the video content is an advantage with YouTube. Measure the performance and make improvements where necessary. With the YouTube analytic tools, it is possible to know the performance of the channel, the audience, engagement level, revenue from videos, etc.
  • Keep consistent branding. Customize channel layout and access all features such as the ability to add links to social networking sites etc.
  • Having a good channel trailer helps first-time visitors to know what content they can expect in the channel.
  • For all YouTube marketing campaigns, use different types of cards available for various purposes. Get the most out of them by knowing how to use them.
  • Video content access has increased due to the growth of mobile usage. Optimize your video marketing content for mobile apps.
  • Follow the metadata best practices to improve video SEO. Create titles to help people find the video.
  • Identify strong keywords using Google Trends and use them in titles. The titles should be short and sweet. Choose thumbnails to help the people know about the content.
  • Write video description and have all the necessary URLs and essential keywords in it.
  • Engage with the audience through live video, comments, etc.
  • Create playlists so that people can find other exciting videos on the channel.
  • Target the demographic to get feedback. Viewers can help gain insights, and they can be inspirational also.

Social Video Advertising Trends 2019

Social Video Marketing is gaining importance, and the marketers have to be up-to-date on what is new in YouTube marketing and take measure accordingly. Get the insights of modern marketing trends on YouTube and make the right decisions.

Live video is said to be the new trend in YouTube marketing. The pattern is here to stay. Live videos are economical attract a lot of views. Compared to prerecorded videos, live videos engage the audience more, and it is the best way to get instant feedback.

The video format is also changing since the last couple of years. Video marketing was horizontal until some time ago. With phones and mobile devices, marketers were thinking vertical. Now the intermediate solution is the square format.

Video recording has become inexpensive. High-quality tools are available now, and it is possible to create a professional looking video with the mobile phone itself. Hiring a professional also has become very easy. The video market democratised now.

Another new trend in YouTube video marketing is to use the video as the training tool. Statistics revealed that more and more marketers are considering adding YouTube to their content marketing strategy in the coming years.

Social Video Marketing is conquering the digital advertising and does not get left behind by not using the most powerful marketing tools, YouTube for your video marketing.

YouTube Strategies 2019

There are many ways to utilize YouTube for marketing. Marketers have to analyze which one will work best for their business.

  • Creating viral videos is one of the best ways to increase brand exposure and drive traffic. When creating a viral video, keep in mind that it should be short and straightforward as the attention span of people is very short. Make the video unique, and they should be relevant. Stay up to date on current topics and create timely videos.
  • Create engaged YouTube community. Create videos for your users. The content must be valuable and relevant to the target audience. The videos should be exciting and informative.
  • Creating high-quality videos is not enough, but creating consistently is also very important, and this is needed to build an engaged community.

Video marketing is the top-notch career today with the development of the online video and the market.Today, every business owner from small to big had an online presence. More video marketers are in need in future too. But, it is not so easy and difficult to lead as a video marketer online. The new trends were always updated time to time across the web. The new tactics, strategies and many other things were linked to the video marketing today. There is a huge competition in the present market, and a video marketer must master several skills to stand in top place. Here are some five essential skills in a video marketer.

Ambitious and Creative

Creation of the compelling video content is the primary goal of a video marketer. He must have the potential to produce the most creative and unique video content which can attract the audience. He must be ambitious and have passion towards the marketing and must have reliable willpower to succeed.

Understanding and Grasping Skills

The marketer must have the proper skills in grasping the things over the internet. He must understand the expectations of the audience and generate the best content. He must well verse with various creation tools.

Capability in Determination of the Video Style

The interviews, testimonial, documentaries, tutorials etc are different styles of video marketing. The video marketer must be good at choosing these styles that fit perfectly with his marketing strategy.

Patience and Time Management

Patience plays the vital role in video marketing. The video marketers’ must be patient and calm to get the things done in a right way. They must manage the time with perfect planning in video marketing.

Must be Expert in Application of Strategies

He must be an updated person who can go with the latest trends in video marketing and has excellent communication and verbal skills for better interaction. He must have the capability of implementing the various tactics and strategies in video marketing.

Facebook and YouTube is a cheaper option for paid Social Video Advertising. Facebook and YouTube Marketing is also flexible and allows sophisticated targeting. Find the best Facebook and YouTube marketing strategy and Social Video Marketing 2019 for your brand. Learn few things from successful or unsuccessful YouTubers and Social Video Marketing 2019.

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