Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses [Infographic]

The ability to keep in touch with the latest business trends can mean the difference between success and failure of your brand. For the first time in history we no longer need astronomical budgets to reach new markets around the globe, but a clear vision and an eye for visually attractive content are still as important as ever.

The evolution of the Internet has made video marketing one of the best options for the promotion of brands and products because the number of videos being watched daily on the Internet is staggering. Videos are easier to consume than written content and more informative than photos, which is the reason why an increasing number of companies are using social videos to advertise their services.  

Reasons to Use Videos for the Promotion of Your Brand

Establishing trust between a client and a service provider is of the essence if you would like to develop a wide network of recurring customers. 98% of all Internet users watch videos to learn more about a company before they decide to employ its services which means that nearly all of your company’s potential clients will look for a video that presents your company as modern, serious and above anything else trustworthy.

The presentation is just one reason for choosing to promote your company through easily sharable videos. Featuring a video on your company’s homepage will improve your chances of appearing on the first page of Google searches by 53%. This fact alone is a strong argument to produce explainer videos, customer testimonial videos and all other kinds of social marketing videos that can improve your company’s performance on the market.  

Best Online Platforms for Distribution of Video Content

Understanding the true nature of a social network you wish to use for promotion of your company and its products can assist you in creating a viable social video campaign. A social network such as Facebook can be quite useful for broadcasting live events or as a way to establish a direct connection with your potential clients, but it is important to keep in mind that Facebook has limitations in regards of video’s duration, aspect ratio, and size.

If you’d like to share large video files online then YouTube is a better choice, since this online platform owned by Google enables its users to upload high-resolution videos that can last for several hours. However, an average length of explainer, personalized or testimonial videos doesn’t surpass a 3-minute mark, which is why online platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter are perfectly suited for distribution of social marketing videos. Using these social networks for the promotion of your company’s services will enable you to target different customer demographics and therefore reach the clients who need your services the most.

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