Social Media Strategy Template: A COMPLETE Guide (2021)

In today’s video, we’re going in depth on one of the most important parts of marketing which is strategy. You can have amazing ideas, post quality content, but without a well-thought out, strategic approach, your growth is hindered. I always say this, having a content marketing strategy for your business is key to your success. So today, you’ll learn all the important components! I’ll teach you what to include in your strategy, what to think about and how to implement it properly to get results. I base it all on a series of questions so you’re guided along the way. Plus, I have a bonus for you which will help you tremendously when creating your strategy so make sure to watch till the very end.

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00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Assess where you are now
03:14 – Ask you why (the mission)
04:10 – Choose your goals
04:54 – Pick your KPIs
05:38 – Define your audience
08:10 – Establish types of content
10:28 – Pick keywords and metadata
11:01 – Create a content calendar
12:56 – Create a distribution strategy
14:18 – Document it all
15:52 – Check back constantly

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WHO I AM: I’m Natalia, a content marketing specialist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I create videos around marketing, productivity and optimization of your content creation process.

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Social Media Strategy Template: A COMPLETE Guide (2024)

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