Social Media Marketing Tips to Know

Social Media Marketing Tips to Know

Social media marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing and involves the use of social media platforms to promote a product or a service. Although, digital marketing and e-commerce marketing are getting popular social media marketing is getting more popular among researchers, marketers, and practitioners.

Many social media platforms have now introduced the marketing analytic tools which enable the users to track progress, engagement of people, success and leads generated from campaign and ads.

Companies address a wide base of audiences through social media marketing that does not only include potential customers but previous customers, current customers, to-be customers, and passive customers as well.

In a nutshell, social media marketing is all about governing a marketing campaign[] in various social media platforms to get the desired social media ‘tone’ of the particular brand.

There are many social media marketing tips that are crucial for all the brands, regardless of their niche. Many tips are simply to increase the traffic to your website.

Follow These 33 Social Media Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Traffic

1. Layout Your Goals and Objectives

It is every successful businessman’s hobby to lay out his business plans and objectives before setting the plans. Social media marketing is not so different from this as well. There are some smart business strategies that you also need to apply in social media marketing to increase the traffic to your website. The smart choice is to create foundations to improve your social media marketing techniques.


Unclear business goals can literally make your business go down the lane. The companies who cannot pinpoint their objectives and goals in social media marketing usually fail to have a stronghold on their social media marketing plans. The goals must be nailed down exactly according to what is being expected as the outcome.


Your goals should be measurable. You should be able to know if you missed your target by 20% or if you successfully completed the given target. It’s a good business practice.


Set goals that are easy to attain or else, frustration and despair can make you an emotional freak. Do not go overboard with expectations.


You must have a relevant social media marketing goal. Whether its to increase the traffic, to strengthen the brand, to increase the audience base or to increase the sales.


You should always be timely and on track. You can be timely by breaking a big project into mini projects to achieve everything on time or else big plans fail without prior planning.

2. Research and Learn About Your Audience

Your message or content won’t be effective unless it read by that specific group of people who actually want to read your content. Developing a buyer persona is very substantial for any online brand for successful social media marketing. This information can help you pinpoint your audience into different categories.

Review Happy Clients

You can start developing your buyer persona by reviewing happy clients. You should study their reviews, their demographics, their interest, and their industries to see who you should really target.

Nail Down Pain Points

You must also nail down all the pain points of your customers. What solution do they want and more specifically, what is their problem? Understanding your customers’ problems thoroughly can help a lot.

Survey Customer Support

You must also engage with the people on the front lines. What do they want? How did they feel using your products or services? What questions do they have for you? knowing this can help you create engaging content and target the audience that wants to hear from you.

3. Decide Which Social Media Platforms to Use?

It is usually a mistake to be on every social media platform. This way, the person managing your social media marketing gets overwhelmed, tired and can easily be off track. This can get you bad results.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and so is LinkedIn, but should the companies really be focusing on these two?

Who Needs the Product or Service?

To find out who wants your products and services lies in choosing the best social media platforms. If you want to sell your products or services directly to the consumers, the best way is to sell through Facebook.

If you want to target generation Z, Instagram and Snapchat are the best social media platforms to start from. If you want the business to business social media marketing, LinkedIn is the best platform to start.

Where Are the Competitors?

To outperform your competitors, you need to have your investigation mode on. You need to have a keen eye on them and see which platforms they are using to skyrocket their traffic on their sites. Study their presence, their contents, their followers and etc.

Focus on the channel where they engage with their customers the most. That is the social media platform that you should choose to engage in with your customers.

Choosing the right social media channel[] is also important.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is an engaging social media platform if you want to target young people or want to collaborate with influencers. Here, you can easily increase your site traffic by convincing your customers through vibrant stories, videos, and pictures of your products and services.

FACEBOOK: Facebook is the largest social media network where you can find people of all age groups. You can easily make an official business account that would lead directly to your website. Or, you can sell directly through Facebook too.

TWITTER: Twitter is best if you have compelling content to show people. Here, most of the people are attracted by what you have to say about your brand. You can address your customers regularly on Twitter.

LINKEDIN: If you want to promote your products and services on LinkedIn, you better engage with the people through forums, chat boards and groups. LinkedIn has a lot of chat groups where you can promote your products and services.

4. Employ A Qualified Manager

You also need to hire a tech-savvy social media manager who can tackle all the social media platforms at once.

Strategic Thinking

Companies should always hire a social media manager who can sort out the long-term and short-term goals of the company. Moreover, he should also know to attract the audience towards the company’s goals.

Organizational Skills

Running various social media campaigns at once can require a lot of organizational skills. He should have a step-by-step plan for every social media campaign.

Branding Expertise

He should know interesting ways to represent and market your products and services.

5. Craft Your Social Media Content Carefully

You must also craft your content carefully as just posting a picture on the social media platform does not count as well as social media marketing.

Write Content

While writing compelling content, always keep the targeted customers in mind and think to form their perspective.

Curate Content

Furthermore, you should also post useful content for your followers such as regarding the industry. Sales articles are a major turn off.


Let your social media marketing tools hear about the topics and content that your audience wants to hear.

6. Run Contest to Amp Up Your Social Media Strategy

You can run interesting contests, quizzes and games amongst the audience to improve your social media strategies[] and to increase the site traffic.


But first, you need to build a network to communicate with your audience. Try to engage with them through social media platforms and communicate about your exciting offers, presents, and discounts.

Extend an Offer

There are chances that people won’t be interesting in your offers for a long time before they decide to avail it. So, always extend your offers an do not end it after a couple of days.


Monitor the sales rate and see if it has increased due to your discounts and offers. It the sales have increased; you are on the right track.

7. Connect and Grow with Your Audience

The best way to increase traffic to your website is to connect to your audience. Listen to them, ask them about their opinions and respond to them as quickly as possible.


If your customers have complaints or queries, respond to them as quickly as possible. This will improve your customer service as well.


Tag the most active customers on your list so that they can know about your on-going discounts, offers, and products.

8. Connect and Grow with your Audience


Link your social media pages to your business website so that visitors can have a view of what you have to offer. This way, they would get to know about your products and services easily.

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags. This increases your brand’s visibility and helps you find out more people looking for your services and products.

9. Take Advantage of Video Content in Your Strategy

The most entertaining way to attract your customers is to engage with them through videos. So, do not forget to add video content in your social media campaign to attract the buyers. The videos can demonstrate your products and services better than content can.

10. Create Mind-Blowing Images

Try to make your social media presence as vibrant as possible. Pictures speak louder than words. So, make sure that you have a good graphic designer who can deliver your message to the customers through pictures and images.

Create Graphics/Infographics/Smart Arts

Ask your graphic designer to create you interesting and attractive graphics delivering your motive, objective and message for your customers. Moreover, you can inform your customers about your brand through infographics or take help from smart arts.

11. Measure Your Results

Close the social media campaign by comparing your expected results with the actual results. See if the techniques you used are paying off or going astray.


Count the total number of followers that have increased in each social media platform and compare this to the expected result.

Measure the engagement from the audience. See how many likes you have got on each post; how many people have shared your content and how many comments you have got on each post. Note which one has got the biggest response.


Measure the clicks and see if the visitors have taken the next step to visit your website or not.


See if your followers have visited the funnel pages and have downloaded the valuable content or not.


In the end, it all comes down to the generated leads. Successful social media marketing campaigns increase the number of qualified leads for the company.

12. Consider the Latest Trends and Changes

You must also consider the latest trends and changes. For instance, the latest trend on Instagram is to collaborate with influencers to improve your brand reputation on Instagram. Try and adopt the new changes to get the most out of any social media platform.

13. Lather. Rinse. Repeat

After you have done your efforts and measured all the results. Do it again and again but every time you do it, try to make changes and edit the plans that you have used for the first time to see big changes in the future.


In a nutshell, these social media marketing tips were demonstrated in an easy way for you so that you can increase the traffic to your website and generate qualified leads through online presence. Wait for your results and see your ROI getting high after each try.

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