Social Media Marketing Tips To Get More Instagram Followers For Your Orange County Business

If getting more followers for your Instagram is your top business goal this 2020, we are going to make the process a little easier. Follow these easy ways suggested by social media marketing agency in Orange County and make the most of this incredible platform.

Instagram claimed to have 25 million business profiles in 2019. When you don’t know a better way to get more Instagram followers, #likeforlike and #followforfollow seem like the right approach, however, there is more than that. 

Nowadays, just having a huge number of followers is not going to help you achieve your business goals, you should attract the right followers. Use tips by social media marketing agency Orange County to attract the right audience and scale your business to the next level. 

Get more followers by optimizing your IG Bio

The first impression of your profile on new users can dramatically affect the growth of Instagram. Turning a follower into a client takes only a tenth of a second. To make this happen you should clearly display who you are, what product your offer, and how your product/service can help your followers. Adapt the Instagram strategy suggested by the Orange County social media marketing agency.  

Make sure there is a keyword in the title immediately after the brand name. Doing so will boost the visibility of your business page. It is one of the best strategies to attract more Instagram followers through organic traffic.

Organize/format your bio using a bulleted format. You can use an abbreviated version of your company mission statement or slogan, but keep it as short as possible. Put a personalized and brand tag on it.

Don’t forget that the call to action attracts Instagram users so much that they often click on your URL.  Be sure also to include a line that proves your reputation.

Attract more followers by creating juicy content

Instagram tells a brand story through images. Every post should be of high quality and should support your brand image. Always ask: “How will this increase my Instagram account?” Your grid must fully reflect the beauty of the company. A Meh picture may break the grid.

Apply the same filter and stick to a single palette. Choose a theme and surround it with images. Photos and videos should be attractive and convey value. 

You can apply the 60/40 rule as one of the best tips for growing your Instagram audience. Out of every ten pictures, six should belong to your product/service, and four should belong to lifestyle, stock photos, related quotes, and user-generated content.

Perfect your Instagram header

Instagram is designed for images, but adding a caption can do some magic. Captions should provide your company’s background information, value, and insight. Instead of describing the photo, use the brand’s voice to tell the story behind the photo to make a connection. 

Ask questions and ask users to tag friends. 

Feeling tags

A hashtag can increase engagements by more than 12%. Make a perfect combination by brainstorming the list of hashtags your customers use to describe your company.

Thinking like a customer is one of the top strategies for attracting more Instagram followers. Follow the community and find happy intermediaries between popular tags and tags that bring you results.

Although you can use up to 30 tags, popular brands use between 10 and 20. Try a formula where ten tags are used to promote the content of the post, another ten tags are used for the target audience, and ten more tags for positioning and brand relevance.

Storytelling in practice

Stories are a powerful marketing tool. Includes behind-the-scenes, quick updates, and exclusive features that build a brand identity and connect you to your brand right now-beyond your grid.

Use brand your brand voice with images and text to expand your reach. Keep in mind that these should have a “live view” feel. The story will last 24 hours so that you can be cheesy. No one will complain about it!

Use the map feature to include locations and related hashtags so your story can be on the Browse page to expand coverage. Use the questions feature to connect and save your best stories as crucial content to retell your brand for visitors and new followers. Focus below your creature and serve as an interactive description.

Participate in giveaways

The number of brands hosting competitions grows 70%  faster than those who do not launch giveaways. Giveaways reward followers and attract new followers.

Choose your budget, prizes, and competition goals. The best input methods are comments, followers, posts, and hashtags. Ask followers to comment on a photo and tag at least one friend for double exposure.

Try to collect as many user-generated reviews as possible so you can create a gallery and embed it on your website. Doing this will increase engagement and drive sales. Generate brand and giveaway specific tags to include.

Encourage influencer marketing

Most influential people, especially those just entering the industry, are eager to work with brands. 90% of marketers believe that influencers are an effective way to increase customer engagement.

The general cost is $1,000 per 100,000 followers. If this is high for your budget, choose a micro-influencer. Find out who is in your niche market and ask for collaborations. 

You have it! Seven simple steps to optimize your Instagram growth strategy. Harnessing the power of these Instagram growth technologies will give you even more significant influence.

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