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It’s a “one-on-one” world – Marc Benioff CEO Salesforce tells why Twitter is key CRM for sales and support

Marc Benioff

“One of the most exciting things that’s going on right now is that we’re moving into a world where everything is one-on-one and the ability for a company like General Motors to speak directly to that consumer is more important now than ever,” Benioff explained. “The ability to bring that information down – the intelligence of that one-on-one relationship – all the way down to the consumer, with the intelligence built in, that is an incredible opportunity.

In addition, most if not all of Salesforce’s customers are using Twitter today as a customer-service platform, to interact in real-time with their own customers, not just for marketing and sales.”


We have a three-phase process to get you going with your own Twitter social selling efforts.  It begins with:

Get – get going with setting up and optimizing your Twitter account (setting #hashtags, reviewing Notifications, engaging with other users), reviewing your current “thought leadership” content (blogs, podcast, white papers), events (road/trade shows, webinars, training), sales and special incentives and long-term marketing strategies.

Gain – build a consistent and persistent posting strategy along with sales lead generation Twitter engagement coupled with customer service and as Sir Richard Branson does, have fun and welcome input from customers.  Twitter is a must-have to respond to customer comments, concerns and questions.  Responding quickly and politely is critical to your reputation.  Ultimately as John Legere said it best, “Consumers aren’t going to connect with a robot #CEO.”  This means not automated posts but personal engagement with others like exercise you can’t automate that either.

Grow – sales lead generation is typically a long, costly and complex process.   Using Twitter is not a panacea, however, integrated with existing lead demand generation does work.  As one client said, “our competitors are using Twitter so if we don’t it, then we will increasingly lose new and existing customers.”  In addition, gather feedback and present to management results, analytics and performance metrics.

  @TECHtionary Tops 19,100 Followers
I am excited after a considerable amount of thought leadership development, engagement with followers and social listening, growing @TECHtionary to more than 19,100 followers.  Along other accounts, I manage Twitter accounts with more than 300,000 followers.
Twitter Survey
Click here for complete survey and here are some of the highlights:
– Discovery – 66.4% of survey respondents said that they have discovered a new SMB on Twitter
– Engagement – 78.5% tweeted at a business
– Purchase – 93.3% plan to make a purchase from the SMB they follow
– Support – 49% have tweeted to a business many times
Support – Twitter is a must-have to respond to customer comments, concerns and questions. Rather than call you, customers post on Twitter using the famous hashtag #fail to express their concerns.  Yes, this is a public rebuke to your solutions which if you don’t respond, can spiral out of control causing further damage to your business.  Responding quickly and politely is critical to your reputation.
Sales – Social selling works, you can find potential customers, engage with them exploring your solution to solve their problems and helping them as well.  Sales is more than selling it is helping your customers grow as well.  You are also being watched by your competitors so take note to do a really great job.
Corporate – You are measured by the number of followers you have and if you only post blather or corporate sales or worse just retweeting OPC-other peoples’ content, customers will think less of you and simply buy from someone else.  If you think it is just for promoting your corporate blogs and blather, you are likely missing out on how customers really feel about you as its not broadcast media anymore, it is social media.
If you still ask “why” Twitter, the answer is both easy and hard.   The easy answer is – it is a really new way to connect with your customers and provide great customer service.  The hard answer is customers just buy from someone else.
I look forward to helping you gain-regain followers and customers.

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“Boulder Phone has been one of the leading providers of business telephones, PBX systems, cabling and other services to more than 1,000 customers in the greater Boulder-Denver area since 1986. Marketing has always been a challenge.  However, Tom built our website, produces our twice monthly newsletter and adds daily Twitter posts.  Customers are engaged and increasingly Boulder Phone gains new followers, indicating our growing presence.  He is sincerely one of the most relentless hard-working professionals I know and if you need his help you would not be disappointed.”

David McIntosh – President

0-rvc“Rockies Venture is a complex mix of angel investors, venture capital, financial advisors, startups and technologists.  We bring together thousands of people yearly to our more than 100 events educating, advising and guiding ideas from inception to execution and exits.  Tom Cross has been a great help in adding “thought leadership” to our blog in the areas of marketing, thought leadership, artificial intelligence, gamification and others.  He has also grown our Twitter followers to nearly 11,000 over the past year or so.  His approach to marketing is the marathon than the sprint with a key view I agree with “top of mind keeps you first in line”.   Customers rarely tell you when they are going to buy, but you need to on their mind when they do. Tom is persistent, consistent and has been a great asset to RVC and would be a valuable partner to any organization.”

Peter Adams
Executive Director
Rockies Venture Club, Inc.

0-radish“Tom Cross is an expert at digital marketing and social media for technology.  His creative ideas helped Radish Systems bring our marketing strategy and exposure to the next level.  He has a wide network and is very connected.  I highly recommend him.”

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.

co-founder and CEO

Radish Systems, LLC — the ChoiceView® company

0-biba“As a local business alliance, BIBA reaches out to Boulder County businesses helping them gain market exposure to their customers and other member businesses.  Tom has significantly increased BIBA’s messaging outreach and marketing for our events.  He has gained more than 8,300 twitter followers for BIBA and it is continuing to grow.  I strongly recommend him for your marketing efforts; Tom has helped with the BIBA newsletter and other efforts.  He has demonstrated great commitment and passion through his support to our mission and goals.”

0-tr“Tom has been a significant asset in the development of our social media program.  As the director of Telecom Reseller’s social media marketing program he has worked diligently to increase TR’s market presence generally adding 15% to our website traffic and adding more than 11,200 followers to our Twitter account as well as a major contributor to TR’s editorial content.  I would highly recommend Tom for any traditional or social media marketing program.”

Douglas Green

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