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Social Media Marketing Statistics

Video, search, social commerce and yes emojis. If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in social media, your customers won’t be paying much attention to you. Start here. Learn the basics. And prepare for what’s next. Word of mouth marketing has never been stronger and there are so many ways to embrace it. Keep up with your colleagues.

With the Wide Range of Social Media Channels Available, Brands can Reach and Engage with their Audience to Build Stronger and more Interactive Relationships.

Here’s how the social media story played out in 2016

Social platforms keep pushing for innovative features to improve the user experience and satisfy the growing demand for personalization from their consumers.

Which platforms are the most relevant for your company?

No longer a one-way means of communication for organizations to promote their message.

Many companies reported brand awareness as their top desirable outcome from their social media campaign.

Social Media Data
Brands must rely on data first

Customer Path to Purchase
The journey…

Watching Live Video Stream
2016 was the year where videos and live streaming took over social media at a breakneck speed.

What about for consumers?

Companies need to prioritize their mobile viewability and optimize their social platforms based on the mobile format. According to comScore’s 2016 report on social media*, almost 80% of social media time is spent on mobile. Cell phones will continue to overtake the digital landscape and it is no longer an option for marketers to ignore the mobile viewability, aesthetics, and functionality of their social campaigns.

Moving forward to 2017, social media will open more doors for organizations to have conversations with their consumers and customize their experience with their brands in a more interpersonal level. With that said, it is important for companies to embrace the latest trends and constantly engage, listen, and observe how their audiences are interacting with each channel. As many organizations go through their marketing objectives with their team this year, it is important to identify what types of content resonated well with their consumers and use this knowledge to devise new campaigns to test. The upcoming year will bring in more opportunities for brands to get to know their consumers better and implement digital strategies that will help them move forward in the social media realm.

2017 DMA Statistical Fact Book Byline Excerpt by James Fink, CEO and Co-Founder of Optikal

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