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One of the greatest challenges for business running social media activities is achieving the change in mindset necessary to tap into the potential of this new, vibrant world. Many agencies simply adopt a posting style strategy where they deploy their own content whilst sharing updates from other channels.

Omni Search adopts a different approach. By identifying key individuals within your industry and your local sphere, we create a content network where your best ideas and information permeate the relevant channels necessary to gain traction. Whilst most companies understand the importance of media – we harness the power of the social.

Establish authority. Demonstrate competency. Engage with stories, case studies and testimonials that narrate your company’s success. Blogging has evolved beyond merely producing new content to satisfy Google’s new content criteria. Bright and vibrant articles and news about your business not only improve your exposure to search, but also engage, inform and ultimately sell your products and services.

At Omni Search we work with blogging experts who understand how to profile and present your messages and content in an intriguing and desirable format. Creating genuine value and support for your potential customers is becoming an increasingly vital first step in establishing an online relationship. And blogging is the ideal vehicle for you to show off your expertise.

One of the essential constraints of today’s social media content is that it accurately reflects and captures the ethos of your business. Personality should be woven into every post and update. Clients and potential customers need to be able to recognise your voice and values. How do we achieve this at Omni Search UK?

Utilising a proven methodology of learning about your space, competition and business, our social media experts build a clear communication strategy that embraces your audience. Once we have established your voice, we then start to talk, shout and converse about your business, success and beliefs. See more about social media here

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