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Google+ is the oddball of the social media networks. Google, the internet supergiant, started the social media website. Some worry that only a tiny percentage of the 2.2 billion accounts are active. Others fear that Google+’s restructuring spells the end for the platform. However, we, and other marketers are confident that this restructuring will encourage growth. We also believe it proves that Google is vested in building their asset. 

The platform’s unique appeal is its customizable stream. Users get to pick out exactly the content they want to see rather than only seeing what their friends like. As a result, the users on Google+ are passionate and want to see content that matches their tastes. Google+ opens the door for businesses to share their message. We will help you find these niche communities. Then we will help you develop media that your audience can engage with in a meaningful way.

LinkedIn has skyrocketed to having 450 million users who use it for B2B connections. It is unique in the sense that millions of users use it to conduct business and develop business relationships. For example, networking between professionals is a common daily activity on LinkedIn. Meaning that your average user has a higher income and influence than elsewhere. Other social media networks do not come with this advantage.

By targeting these professionals, you can drive quality business to your website. We target and advertise to these professional at the caliber it takes to attract them. You’ll need new conversion funnels optimized for these high-value customers. But don’t fret, we’re here to help.

Then there are the rest of them.

Hundreds of other social media sites exist with varying degrees of popularity and functionality. We use these sites according to your needs. Some are better for SEO and others are better for user engagement. It all depends on what kind of business you have, what type of content is on your site, and what your goals are.

Let us help you use social media to it’s fullest capacity. Contact us today. 

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