Social Media Marketing for Realtors: How to Stay on Top in 2020

If you work in real estate, you probably hear a lot about how essential social media is. Indeed, it’s a powerful marketing channel that brings you close to potential prospects and fosters engagement. In this post, we share some of the best advice on social media marketing for realtors that’ll help you shorten the learning curve.

Here are 24 tips from seasoned real estate professionals that give you a good idea how to upgrade your social media marketing in the new year.

24 social media marketing tips for realtors

1. Build your real estate website and update it constantly.

2. Blog weekly to fill your website with fresh content.

3. Craft informative neighborhood pages featuring a variety of community and local area information.

4. Create a content plan to use in the upcoming months. You don’t have to br overly specific. Just make some notes based on what your leads ask you about most often and make sure to provide valuable answers via your blog. Even the simplest content plan saves tons of time.

5. Repurpose your existing content. For a busy real estate professional, creating new content is challenging so leverage apps to convert and share different types of content across various social media. For example, apps like Snappd let you share video content across many platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

6. Automate your social media posting. Using apps like Hootsuite or Buffer saves tons of time and smartly organizes posting to different social media channels.

7. Social media users want information that carries value. Don’t just throw in a few photos of a new listings. Provide helpful, authentic bits of information that actually help people understand what benefits your offer delivers.

8. Try Facebook Live to share your content in real time.

9. Publish weekly/monthly market updates. They actually work and are the type of content your prospects are genuinely interested in.

10.  If you’re using Snapchat, try the new custom geofilter feature (here’s a good guide).

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11. Link your blog posts on every social media you’re using. By the same token, use social sharing plugins on your blog so people can share your content in a few clicks.

12. Remember about customer experience and how it affects your brand. A quick, friendly and helpful reply to inquiries is the best brand ambassador.

13. Use Facebook tabs to feed your listings, run contests and sweepstakes and cross-promote your content across various media via one integrated solution.

14. Regularly post about local goings-on.

15. Try running Facebook local awareness campaigns.

16. Tweet regularly and share your listings, open houses announcements and local events.

17. Create Pinterest boards promoting your area and listings in a visually appealing way.

18. Upload your videos to YouTube with proper descriptions, keywords and links to your site.

19. Join LinkedIn groups to learn the latest tips from fellow agents and share your content.

20. Pay great attention to the real estate copy that accompanies your listings. Your ultimate goal is to make people interested enough to click to your site and contact you (more on this here: How to Write Compelling Real Estate Listings That Evoke Trust).

21. Use beautiful images and optimize them properly (find more here: Real Estate Image Optimization 101: Lightning Fast Site & Better SEO).

22. Take 360-degree photos of your properties and share them on Facebook (here’s a guide: More Than Image: How Agents Can Get Started with 360° Photography).

23. Analyze your performance on every media you’re using to figure out what works best for you.

24. Try to convert your social media fans to your email subscribers (e.g., you might want to use Facebook email signup app for this) to build a better and easier communication with your audience.

What’s next?

That doesn’t sound like it’s too complicated, right? As always with social media, be prepared for trial and error and try to integrate it with other of your marketing channels. As much as social media is popular, it’s not a marketing cure-all (here’s a great case elaborating on this: Email vs. Social Media: What’s the Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Channel).

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