Social Media Marketing: Building Your Brand

Whether your intent is to sell products, influence followers, gain subscribers, persuade or sway your readers and viewers to your cause, they have to know who you are. Your brand’s authority has a lot to do with that, but, the actions you take can also influence your brand’s authority. If you want o build your online presence and become known for your industry, here’s what you need to know about building your brand using social media:

Pair Your Brand with Networks That Support You

Take the following factors about social media platforms into consideration:

Facebook — The best social platform for promoting brand awareness. Almost 75% of American adults use it. It’s a great platform for promoting your brand. Posting daily will help up your brand. Everyone uses Facebook. Posting daily is key. Respond to comments positively.

Instagram — A great option if you are a brand that relies heavily on images, such as retailers and clothing companies. It’s great for companies that rely on images. It’s also effective at reaches young adults, African Americans, and Hispanics. Instagram is great for posting deals and specials.

LinkedIn – Great for B2B and locating social media influencers. Probably the best resource for finding talent. If you are a business seeking products or business selling products, this is the social media network for you.

Provide Valuable, Shareable Content

Promoting your brand is all about making it interesting and valuable. Every interaction and social media campaign should reflect this. If you don’t know how to promote your content look into sites like StoryBrand Guide for help. When promoting your brand, it’s all about making it valuable and interesting. Your brand should be creating valuable and interesting information on all your social media platforms as all of your well as your blogsites. If you don’t know how to handle your social media marketing, you need to partner with an expert in social media marketing like StoryBrand Guide. Your brand should post interesting and valuable social media every day that promotes and encourages interaction. Ensure that every social interaction in some type of positive action.

When crafting social media targeting, consider the following:

  • Is your visual marketing supporting your brand?
  • Is your visual marketing providing important content?
  • Will your visual marketing gain visibility on social networks?

Have you mentioned names and links to relevant websites or social posts? Have you posted hashtags that reference your site?

Proper Social Marketing Etiquette

Being social means you have to get along with people and follow rules about how you interact. That means staying in touch with social media influencers you work with after your campaign is finished. It also means interacting with your followers.

Using social media to expand your marketing campaign requires that you have a sense of responsibility to your target audience. Using contests and other social media programs can help you generate leads and gain visibility. Present your audience with incentives for participation and valuable incentives to draw brand loyalty. 

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