Social Media Marketing: A Guide on Posting Contents

Social media is a modern necessity with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as the most widely used networking platforms for consumers. As such, many businesses use these platforms for marketing.

This is called , a strategy where your business will utilise social media platforms to build strong relationships with customers. Social media marketing is effective nowadays, considering how many people use the internet as a necessity.

As a platform, social media be effective for commercialising your brand, but it can also be if you don’t know how to use it properly. This is why you should know when and how to post your content on. 

Everyone can market their business on social media. The only question left is how to do it properly.

Study the ins and outs of social media to know when you should publish your posts. Here are some tips on when and how you should post your content:

1. Design a calendar

Everyone has a scheduled daily routine. This is why it’s important to design a calendar to prepare in advance.

Understand the average consumer’s behaviour and analyse when they are most active. With this, you can time your posts when it’s most convenient for your viewers. 

Include everything in your calendar, from your list of posts to the scheduled dates. Plan at least a month ahead by creating drafts of your content.

Devise a list of helpful ideas to keep your mindset on track once the deadline arrives. A calendar can save you from imminent doom if you know how to schedule your posts!

Create meaningful content in advance and include it in your calendar. Set deadlines so your plan will go accordingly. List down your posts on specific dates and track all of them down until they’re published.

2. Study each platform

In Singapore, there are over with Facebook and Instagram as the leading networking sites. Therefore, you must study both platforms to understand the users.

For example, people of ages 18 to 34 use Facebook, with the fastest-growing demographic revolving around those of ages 55 to 56. This proves that Facebook is one of the most useful applications for consumers.

The same goes for Instagram. It’s already dubbed as the go-to store for online window shopping, thanks to its video and image features. Many Singaporeans explore Instagram to engage with brands, so take advantage of the circumstances. Utilise Instagram to communicate with active users.

These are just some of the platforms you could use for your marketing strategy. Refer to other social media applications such as WeChat and Twitter. This way, you’ll cover a wider audience and attract even more potential customers.

3. Post at specific times

Once you have your calendar and social media accounts ready, the next step is to schedule your posts. When exactly should you publish your posts?

There is no definite time when you should post, but there are periods when users are most probably active. Therefore, you should discover the most active periods for each social media site.

For instance, most people are active on social media after work during weekdays. In this case, publish your posts after working hours around 6 to 8 PM. 

As for the weekends, the best time varies depending on your target audience. Older people from ages 50 to 60 may spend most of their time at home, so you could post during the afternoon. For younger people of ages 18 to 30, posting during the nighttime works best since they’ll most likely be outside having fun with friends.

Since there’s no definitive time, try to experiment with your audience. Schedule your posts during certain periods and evaluate the engagement of each one until you discover which time is best.

Remember, engaging with your audience can be a trial-and-error process. The best time to post can vary depending on your audience. As such, study your audience and determine when they are most likely active on social media.


Overall, your audience will determine when and how you should publish your posts. If you’re going to post brand content, consider your audience and their activity on social media.

Take time to study your audience’s behaviour, and consider your platform as well. Publish content every week and evaluate your engagement with the audience. This way, you’ll discover which times are most effective for publishing your posts.

Also, remember to keep it safe. If you’re not able to post at the “best” time, then publish during safe periods, including after-school or work hours, where most people are at home resting and browsing the Internet.

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