Small business Pinterest social media marketing

It’s important that your business understands which social media platforms your target customers are using and how best to reach them. If your business is based around products rather than services, could Pinterest social media marketing be the best way to find new business?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social sharing site based around images. Users create pinboards that cover their interests, and pin images that they like, with notes about why they like them. Followers can see and comment on images and see where the original image has come from. Pinterest users are collaborative and engaged. That means that if you handle your Pinterest business marketing well, you could enhance your brand profile.

Who uses it?

How Pinterest works for business

It may look like Pinterest is a social media site for hobbyists, but it’s an extremely valuable site for businesses of all sizes. Because it is image-based, it’s particularly useful for those that have products to sell, or who can advertise their services visually: it’s a great medium for photographers for example.

Like all social media marketing, Pinterest requires a good content strategy. Know who your target markets are, and why they’re on Pinterest in the first place. Take the time to learn what they are sharing and why, so that you can see what sort of content appeals to them. Pinterest is all about sharing and pinning content that appeals to you and to others, and it’s a fundamental thing to get right if you want to succeed.

Ways that you could connect with your potential customers include:

Don’t forget to make your content pinnable – that means adding the Pinterest button to your website and other places where you post content so that people can share it easily – the easier you make it, the more likely it is that your content will get shared.

Track, measure, refine, repeat

Like all marketing, it’s important that you can see the impact Pinterest is having on your business. Although it’s a free platform, there will be a significant time investment to get things up and running and to maintain a good content stream. So it’s important that you track your progress, measure your impact, refine your content – and continue to do so all the time, so that your campaigns are as relevant and timely so you get full Pinterest business benefits. See our page on content marketing help if you are looking for help with generating your content.

Getting help

Making sure you’re ready to use Pinterest can be time-consuming, so it’s worth thinking about getting some help and advice. That’s where virtual admin solutions come in. Virtual assistants create extra time in your business by taking over time-consuming administrative tasks and allowing you to focus on your business. With an understanding of Pinterest and other social media sites, a virtual assistant for social media can get you up and running quickly, understanding what you want to achieve and managing your activity on your behalf.

And, like all the other social media sites, there is a range of apps and support tools that can help you manage your Pinterest account and keep an eye on its impact. One of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that they can help you choose the right tools to use, and monitor the analytics on your behalf so that you can make positive changes to your campaigns and continue to attract new business.

Ready to investigate Pinterest social media marketing?

If you think that Pinterest might be a good social media fit for your business, helping you to reach new customers and raise your brand profile, why not talk to us about our social media and marketing services. Or, if you would like to know more about our UK virtual assistants and how they support small businesses feel free to call us on 0800 994 9016 or use our contact form in the menu above.

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