SEO Content Is More Than Written Words | Video Marketing Tips

It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this old colloquialism has never been as true as when it comes to the field of SEO Content. We all know content is king, but the people have spoken and what they really want is content that can not only grab their attention, but keep them engaged.

It is our responsibility as Digital Marketers to move with the changing landscape to better serve the consumers’ altered pallet. According to a study by Nielsen, 64% of marketing professionals expect video ads to become the dominating aspect of their strategies moving forward.

But why did video kill not only the radio star, but the written word? Simple, we now live in a world of instant gratification. We want all our information to come to us at out beckon call and we want that information delivered in the most compact and concise way possible.

Consumers are empowered to access an infinite amount of resources with the click of a button and therefore, are spending more and more time in the consideration phase of the buying process. It can be difficult to stand out among all of the research, but a transparent look into your brand can help differentiate you from the others claiming to be the best.

Video Advertising As Part of Your SEO Strategy

By utilizing visual components to emphasize your overall message, you will be able to grab your audience’s attention, provide them a corresponding image to solidify the concept or product, and finally, leave an impression that will stay with them when it comes time to make their decision.

Use a short 15-30 second video pre-roll ad or full length video of you or an employee talking about your business and you have instantly transitioned from just another name on the search result to an actual person. Even a brief clip can set you apart from your competition, grab the attention of the consumer, and humanize your brand in a way that a piece of content or photo can only attempt.

Online video advertising can be applied to any and every aspect of your business including product reviews, staff introductions, service offers, customer testimonials, and any other valuable content worth sharing.

The average person is bombarded with more information per second than previous generations were in a lifetime—and with the average consumer having to sift through miles and miles of advertising, wouldn’t you want your company to leap off the page no matter what the screen?

We need to be as creative as possible to engage with today’s over-saturated digital landscape. By incorporating visually stimulating graphics, movement, and audio into your digital portfolio, you are sure to make a lasting impression, and lasting impressions convert to lifelong customers!

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