Sell E-Books on Amazon- Tips to Generate Sales and Money

How to Sell E-Books on Amazon   If becoming a published author has always been your dream, well, this dream could actually have some meaning only if you have a book out for the public to read. It is when people purchase and read your book and when the money trickles in; there is truly some value to your dream and effort.     With Kindle Direct Publishing it has become easier for one to publish a book. E-books are free and are also a perfect way to give your book an exposure in a global market such as Amazon. But it isn’t just enough to have the e-book published on Amazon. You need to ensure there is sales to generate a revenue out of it. Here is what you should do.   Also read: Ten Things Self-Published Authors Do to Increase Sales   Get a cover design for the e-book They may well say that one must not judge a book by its cover. However, out in the market place almost every book is judged by its cover. If you have a budget, you may wish to hire a professional designer who could create one as per the content of your book. For those who don’t wish to spare some bucks, you could do it all by yourself using tools such as Canva. Get a pro looking cover for your book and it is sure to grab eyeballs in the Amazon market.   Get your book description/blurb written right As important as your book cover, is the blurb/book description. This is one of the most important factors that readers consider before they actually make that purchase. Bring in a catchy tone to your description. Apart from just telling them what the book is about, try to create a curiosity in the probable reader that would urge them to purchase it right away. Remember this is your most important point of contact with the reader. It is the first set of words of yours, the reader gets to read. So bring it on and give it your best.   Who are you- Build your author profile Readers also search for details about the author. So build on your profile. Have your author bio in place on the Amazon platform as well as on Goodreads. It helps readers connect with you and gain more insight about your writing and who you actually are.   Also read: How to Launch Your Self Published Book   Reviews Help It really pays to get reviews. Get in touch with your readers. Request them to leave reviews on your Amazon page as well as on Goodreads. It helps new readers to make that choice. Nothing like a personal recommendation and reviews often work as one. So reach out without any hesitation. Seek out those reviews. Flaunt them. They are something you need to be proud off.   How to Get Book Reviews to Market Your Self-Published Book   Understaing KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing) Before you get that book out on Kindle as an e-book, here is something that you need to pay close attention to. KDP has the option of including keywords at the time of uploading your book. These key words are vital when it comes to indexing your book to the appropriate category. It is these key words that shows up your book when a reader keys a search in. Thus if you need to find a place in the search result, your keywords do play an important role. Understand your genre and your audience. Research a bit to understand the basic Amazon algorithm and chose appropriate key words.   Market and make money from your E Book   Kindle Direct Publishing does make your job a lot more easier when it comes to publishing, but considering the number of e-books that are published on this platform on a daily basis, you need to work your way smartly, understanding the algorithm with which this works.   Related Posts to Kindle Direct Publishing How to Get Book Reviews to Market Your Self-Published Book Ten Things Self-Published Authors Do to Increase Sales   How to publish your own E Book on Kindle

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