Real Estate Video Marketing – How To Get More Views!

Real Estate Video Marketing – How To Get More Views!

Video marketing for Realtors® is the best way to grow a real estate business in the 21st century. Real estate video is a gold mine of opportunity to generate real estate leads and sales. If you want to truly dominate with real estate marketing, here are some real estate marketing tips. You need to understand the YouTube algorithm 2019 and beyond. The YouTube algorithm is constantly evolving and there are a few factors that matter most right now. The real estate marketing tips in this video expose a YouTube algorithm hack that works for everyone – whether they are in real estate or not. I’ll show you how to exploit the YouTube algorithm with the things that YouTube cares about most: YouTube watch time and clicks/views.

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To get viewers to click, you need awesome YouTube thumbnails and YouTube titles. This isn’t a complete YouTube thumbnail video, but I’ll show you YouTube thumbnail ideas that will great increase the chance of your YouTube videos getting clicked and watched.

I’ll also show you how you can use YouTube studio, which at the moment is still YouTube Studio beta, to see how well your YouTube titles and YouTube thumbnails are doing – and if you should change them. I’ll also show you a playlist power tip – how you can use YouTube playlists to increase YouTube watch time and session time. Real Estate Video Marketing – YouTube Exposed! may be the most important video you watch all year for growing your real estate business with real estate video marketing on YouTube. Wanna learn how to get more views on YouTube. Just watch, er, view this video!

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Real Estate Video Marketing - How To Get More Views!

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