Real-Estate Agent Social Media (Step-By-Step Strategy)

Real-estate agent social media is something that can bring tremendous exposure to your business. Everything from just general brand awareness to lead generation. Real Estate Social media is no longer a “guerrilla” marketing tactic, but a way that many agents rely on to create business (including myself). This guide is going to show you step-by-step how I do my social media in a way that produces business and really makes me money.

Keyword/Topic research
This is where the true money in online marketing is made. Keyword research is the literal foundation of all social media campaigns. Keyword research is simply finding what people are looking for online.

What are people typing into Google?
What Youtube videos are showing up in the suggested tab?
What type of blogs seem to get shares on Facebook?
How much traffic are all of the sources getting?
What are people in forums talking about?
The main goal is to 1. Find what people are searching for 2. Create a piece of content around it (Blog, Youtube, etc.),

Many times you can do keyword research by trying to force keywords in Google. Individually typing letters into Google.

2. Using a keyword tool. I’ve used UberSuggest. It’s free and works great.

PRO-TIP: There are many subsets of keywords research for real-estate

Local Keywords – “cost of living in ft lauderdale” “affordable neighborhoods in charleston” “nightlife in wilmington”
You can target these keywords depending on WHERE they are being searched at. Is the traffic predominately Youtube? Make a video. Is the keyword you found on Google get lots of traffic? Make a blog.

Agent specific keywords – “real estate social media”(this blog targets that keyword), “how to find expired listing numbers”, “real estate agent career 2017”
Real-estate investing keywords – “sub 2 investing”, “lease options”, “irr excel spreadsheet”
Some people choose to target just one and become very specific and some target all of them.

2. Write a blog post about the keyword

So in this example, I found the keyword “real estate agent social media” on Youtube. The next thing I do is write a blog post about it. Make sure your blog post is around 300 words in length, includes a few pictures, and ONE Youtube video.

MANY people make the mistake of just blogging or just YouTube:

Without a blog, your content cannot be found in Google search. (According to my Youtube analytics, around %30 of my traffic comes from my blog)
Many people enjoy reading blogs over Youtube
Social media platforms don’t allow you to share Youtube videos that well.
Another important aspect of blogging, is that it serves as the script for your Youtube videos. Many people feel uncomfortable on Youtube and having a script will help the flow of your videos.

3. Make a Youtube video around the blog post

Now that you’ve got your ideas clearly laid out in your blog, make a Youtube video!

Make sure that it is clearly lighted
You quickly get to the point
There are a few jump cuts in between to break up the UMS and UHHS

4. Starting spread your blog post via social media

Social media is a strange beast. Many people get discouraged when they don’t get thousands of shares their first post.

Social media takes tremendous time to build, learn, and master
Most people find one social media platform they love and double down.
ALL social media platforms can allow you to post blogs, but not all will allow you to post Youtube videos.
In my experience, I grew to be very popular on Pinterest of all places. It takes time, but I always tell people to find one social media platform they enjoy and devote all their time to it.

5. Repeat this exact process for a year

Have you ever came across a Youtube or website that you just loved? Chances are it wasn’t that the website had a few pretty pictures. It probably had these things:

It had large amounts of content
Produced content regularly
The information was incredibly useful or entertaining (even better ireal estate social media

Real-Estate Agent Social Media (Step-By-Step Strategy)

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