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This definitely may sound like a wild post but please bear with me while I let you in on some great inside scoop about digital marketing that is rarely discussed.

Before I start ranting about all the do’s and don’ts I’m sure some of you are wondering what on earth is Area 51?

In short, Area 51 is a US Air Force Military base in the state of Nevada that only grants access to specially authorised personnel. Since the activities/testing that is conducted in the base is highly classified the most common conspiracy theory is that aliens are being kept and studied there.

The latest phenomenon about Area 51 and why you’ve been hearing a lot about it recently is because there has been a viral Facebook group that claims on raiding said military base this September. Random right? The news is catching like wildfire to the point where actual authorities are giving warnings against it. You can read more about it on CNN’s news site.

That being said, unfortunately, this is NOT a post about aliens or UFOs. Online marketing is still uncharted territories for a lot of SME owners but I’m going to give you a quick glimpse on some hidden industry knowledge that only digital marketers know. So sit tight, buckle up and let’s decipher the online marketing crop circle, shall we?

To infinity and beyond!

1) ET – Extra Time

First things first, give yourself more time! To get the results that you want for your business, give strategies time to work. Plan execution or particularly changes you made on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take any time from 6 months to a year to give significant results. Even exceptional plans take at least 4 months to show progress! I get it. It can be very frustrating to sit down and wait for results but you have to remember that whatever outcome you’re getting at 6 months is bound to be lesser than what you’ll get at 12 months.

2) Remain Fluid

When it comes to digital marketing, understand that the trends are always changing and evolving. The things that work today, might not give the same results tomorrow. Even worse, they might fail epically!

You’ll have to keep updating yourself to the constant morphing of customer behaviour and product orientation. One great tool you can use is Google Trends. Sounds a little daunting? Believe me, it can be, but with constant practice, over time you’ll get the hang of it.

Take the opportunity to join in the fun. Even the celebrities are doing it!

3) Jumping Spaceships

Don’t abandon ship! I repeat! Don’t abandon ship! There is nothing worse than forgetting about the plans that you’re already working on and jumping into new online marketing strategies without a valid reason.

Remember that all your ideas are interrelated. Be it waiting for a project to complete or just maintaining pattern to study trends on your ad campaigns or SEO, constantly think about how your new plan relates to your previous one.

Make sure they are parallel to give you interstellar results! This tip might seem obvious but often times we get overwhelmed with things to do and forget the basics so it’s good to have a reminder.

4) Gravitating Experience

For most businesses, you are expecting to have not only new users but return customers too so it’s important to cater to each group their unique experience. A quick way you can effectively do that is by personalising the landing page.

For SME websites, something as simple as adding a different user interface can do wonders! Let me give you an example. Displaying pop-ups that prompt sign up for newsletter action might be relevant for first time users but it’s not applicable for someone who is logging in for the 10th time.

Did you know that more than 40% of users change their decision to follow a brand because they see poor online personalization? Shocking isn’t it? That’s why you should set yourself apart from the crowd and help your users have the best experience possible.

5) Probing Backlinks

While it’s great that you have all the keywords in your website or blog, it’s not the only factor that helps boost your ranking. Backlinks play a huge factor in Google ranking as it shows that your source is useful and reliable.

One way you can maximise backlink is by sharing to as many sources as possible. Connect with your audience through different channels to gain traffic and even conversion.

Hopefully, despite my nagging, these tips give you amazing results!
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